Strands - LED Light Bar curved - ARCUM 160W / 810mm (30")

Strands - LED Light Bar Arcom 160W / 810mm

E-Approval as driving light

Product number: 208-809141


ACRUM is a durable and powerful LED light bar from STRANDS Sweden.
The new reflector technology and the curved shape enables a wide beam of light.
Type of lamp: LED
Type of LED: ETI
PCS LED´s: 16
Voltage (V DC): 9-36V DC
Theoretical effect (w): 12V 160
Theoretical effect (w): 24V 160
Actual effect (w): 12V 123
Actual effect (w): 24V 120
Theoretical lumen: 15200
Actual lumen: 12920
1 LUX @ m: 480
Kelvin: 6500
IP-class: 68
Colour housing: Black
Colour lens: Clear
Colour LED´s: White
Beam pattern: Combo
Position light: Yes
Connection: ATP
Cable length (mm): 500
Material bracket: Stainless steel
Material housing/chassi: Aluminium
Material lens: Polycarbonate
Length (mm): 810
Depth (mm): 73
Height (mm): 56
Height including bracket (mm): 72.5
Operating temperature: -40 – +60°C
ADR-approved: No
E-approved:  Yes
According to regulation: ECE R112. R7
Reference number: 45
E-Approval as driving light
The following further restrictions must be observed when used as a driving lamp:
-Maximum permitted light output together with existing headlamps.
-Positioning in pairs and symmetrically
Alternatively, it can be mounted as a worklight with a separate switch. 


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