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Dear friends and visitors,
we are pleased to inform you that we are back in business and the showroom is open for customers now that some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We kindly ask you to comply to the following health and safety measures when visiting our premises:

We welcome you, but unfortunately no handshakes allowed.

At every entrance you will find a disinfectant dispenser for hand disinfection to be used before you enter the premises. Workplaces that may come in contact with visitors are equipped with disinfectant as well. Please keep the specified minimum distance of 1.5m. We have provided various markings to make it easier to keep the distance. We kindly ask you to also keep 1.5m distance when we talk you through the handling of the product on your vehicle when outside of he building.
All office desks and surfaces are being disinfected on a regular basis. The main desk is additionally protected with plexiglass.

After installation in our workshop the seat of your vehicle will be protected with a foil seat cover. The steering wheel, interior lining and switches will get disinfected before the vehicle is handed over to you.
You are welcome to use our cashless payment system.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on our premises for all visitors, customers and employees. If possible, please bring a face mask with you. If you don’t have a face mask we can provide one for you, as well as disposable gloves upon request.

In case you are experiencing flu like symptoms, we kindly ask you to postpone your visit.

We are looking forward to be welcoming you soon in Langenbach!

Your Ullstein Concepts Team

ConVid 19_update 27.04.2020

Pickup Accessories

Commercial vehicle Accessories

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Special Solutions


protetction of your cargo and truck bed

The name Mountain Top (formerly known as Bjerg Cab) has represented, like no other brand, first class tonneau covers covers made from aluminium for decades. Because of the quality and a continuous development, the products of Mountain Top are well …


more loading space and transport safety

A pick-up with an open loading truck bed has a very limited usability in our regions. Rain, snow and ice often make the loading space unusable. Only a hardtop, or literally a hard roof, completes the pickup and delivers a usable closed cargo …

Sliding Trays WORKS

loading comfort and -flexibilty on the highest level

With the new WORKS sliding trays, , Ullstein Concepts came up with a new generation of retractable truck bed slides. The focus during the development was the usability for the customer. Consequently, the improved usage of the given cargo space …

Truck Bed Protection

protetction and value preservation of your truck bed

Are you looking for a bedliner for your pickup? You'll find high-quality bedliners made out of break-proof, flexible ABS plastics in our shop. Because of the properties of the ABS plastics, it is perfectly suited for the truck bed protection... eignen …


styling parts, tool boxes, cargo securing & more useful accessories

For the last bit of finetuning, to get the most out of your pickup, you can add styling parts, tool boxes, articles for the cargo securing as well as further useful accessories to your pickup...

Roof Racks

flexible and robust transportexpansion

The roof racks AluBar and AluRack are providing you with high levels of stabiliy and therefore reliability for your daily business. It doesn't matter if you're a carpenter, pipelayer or a roofer, you're able to configure your roof rack …

Styling Parts

optical and practical complement with stainless steel

With styling parts, e. g. different versions of pedestrian protections guards, as well as spoiler protection pipe, side protection bars and underride protection plates, the vehicle doen't just get an extra eye catcher, but also the chassis gets …


Light modular storage solutions for light commercial vehicles

Width GEMA aluminium lightweight construction modules , Ullstein Concepts offers new solutions for the individual modification of your commercial vehicle. With its light and highly stable construction, we meet all requirements!

Cargo Securing

safe stowing and organizing of your loading space

The cargo securing of any commercial vehicle has to follow certain legal requirement of the StvZO, or any regional fitting legal standard. There are different options for securing your cargo in accordance with such legal standards …

TJM Off-Road Equipment

everyting about off-road and TJM

We, from the Ullstein Concepts GmbH, are pleased to present TJM Australia, as our new brand, specialized in the off-road-equipment. With this new brand we will, with the products groups roof top tents, snorkel, suspensions as well as winches …

Roof Tents

mobile and everywhere at home

The TJM roof tents and awnings combine the offraod mobility of your pickup with the overnights flexibilty of your roof tent. You can explore the wild and distant countries and can enjoy your day in the. You can even spend the night there. For …


smoothly across any terrain

The suspension of your off-road vehicle is like your legs that carry you every day. Matching to the features of your vehicle and your demands of the routes, we offer you with the TJM XGS 4000 complete suspension kit, the possibility to adapt …


crossing every river

For helping with deep water crossings, the TJM AirTec snorkel lays the air intake to the top of the truck roof. Higher fuel efficiency and lower air filter clogging are the resulting benefits of this article. Unlike other manufacturers …

Winches & Accessories

safe in any situation

With our winches & accessories you are well prepared for any possible situation that might occur while you are on or off the road. The TJM Torq winches are constantly ready for action and powerful, not matter if you are just touring through the …

Special Solutions

more customization & indiviual adaption isn't possible

On the basis of our WORKS sliding tray, we offer you a variety of special solutions special solutions for almost any requirement you might have. This ranges from additional sliding trays on top of the sliding tray, to tables, to rear walls for additional ...

Forester Equipment

everything at hand for short and long working assignments

With the forester equipment solution, two foresters, their complete equipment for any season and any kind of work in the forest can be send to their work assignment. In addition to the middle-wall with two holders for two chain saws, the table …

Worker Equipment

everything ready for hobby or job

This worker equipment, solution, which has been developed on the basis of the WORKS sliding plateau, has been adapted to the specific needs of craftsmanship. This solution offers, with the rear wall and the table, a lot of space to safely store …

Hunter Equipment

mobile station for every hunting trip

The hunter equipment solution offers everything, which is needed for the safe and legal transport of hunting equipment including the hunted wild game. The hunted wild can be towed up the ramp onto the truck space, with the installed winch ...

Rider Equipment

everything stored practically for any tournament or ride

The rider equipment solution offers full functionality, when it comes to space-efficient and comfortable transport of riding equipment. Based on the WORKS plateau, two saddle holders allow for a safe transport, even with the most sportive …

Milwaukee Equipment

everything stored perfectly for the whole vehicle fleet

On the basis of our WORKS sliding tray, we offer you a variety of solutions for almost any requirement you might have. With the Milwaukee-equipment we e. g. installed a power supply directly at the loading space. We optimised the options for …


exclusively bei Ullstein Concepts

Our popular camping kit is perfect for short camping trips but also suitable for faraway offroad adventures into the wilderness.


Commercial vehicleAccessories


Special Solutions

Roof Tent


Suzuki Jimny accessories

The new Suzuki Jimny GJ 2018 takes the European market by storm! For this reason, we have developed off-road accessories such as front protection, rear protection, winches, roof racks, running boards, off-road suspension kits and protective rails. Browse now, all items will be available to order shortly.

Suzuki Jimny accessories

Strands – Lighting division

LED Power from Sweden
The idea begins in a small office in Berghem, Sweden. The year is 2002 and the stakes are high for Jon Strand. He wants to change a conserative industry. Do it differently, do it better!!


New in portfolio

A winch is a reliable helper for offroad trips. For the combination with a front protection bar, we present to you our exclusive, tested in the pedestrian protection test, winch mounting kits for the Ford Ranger & other brands!

Sliding tray WORKS Standard & Premium - exclusive at Ullstein Concepts -

With our extractable sliding tray WORKS, loading and securing the load in your pickup becomes much easier. The drawer system with its aluminum construction opens up many new possibilities for individual assembly and usage of the pickup loading area.

Ford Ranger accessories

Fits models: XL, XLT, Limited & Wildtrak - (Single and Double Cab)

Ford Ranger accessories

Mountain Top

Ullstein Concepts GmbH is the official sole distributor for Mountain Top Industries products in Germany. The company Mountain Top manufactures premium pickup accessories with over 40 years of market experience in the automotive industry. Developed and produced in Denmark according to quality standard: ISO / TS 16949 and environmental standard: ISO 14001.

On these pages you will find informative product presentations for pickup and commercial vehicle accessories.

Product Presentation