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We, from the Ullstein Concepts GmbH, are pleased to present TJM Australia, as our new brand, specialized in the overland-equipment. With this new brand we will, with the products groups roof top tents, snorkel, suspensions as well as winches & accessories, get your attention. No matter if you're driving a Fiat Fullback, a Volkswagen Amarok or the Mercedes X-Class, for all of the common pickups, we can offer you a great variety of not just offroad-equipment, but of TJM equipment.

Roof tents - home is everywehre

Roof top tent TJM

The TJM roof tents and awnings combine the offraod mobility of your pickup with the overnights flexibilty of your roof tent. You can explore the wild and distant countries and can enjoy your day in the. You can even spend the night there. For more camping space the roof top tent can be combined with the fitting awning-tent. The TJM awnings, as your reliable sun protection equipment, the stay in one place, e. g. after a tour off the road, will bring the needed relaxtion

Suspension - comfortable on any road

Suspension TJM

The chassis of your off-road vehicle is like your legs that carry you every day. Matching to the features of your vehicle and your demands of the routes, we offer you with the TJM XGS 4000 complete suspension kit, the possibility to adapt your vehicle to your real needs.

Snorkel - safe through the river

Snorkel TJM

For helping with deep water crossings, the TJM AirTec snorkel lays the air intake to the top of the truck roof. Higher fuel efficiency and lower air filter clogging are the resulting benefits of this article. Unlike other manufacturers, TJM designs and constructs the snorkel individually for the natural shape of each vehicle. Besides the functionality of the snorkel, a stylish look of your car with the snorkel is also important to us.

Winches and accessories - the right equipment für every distress

Winches and accessories TJM

With our winches and the fitting accessories you are well prepared for any possible situation that might occur while you are on or off the road. The TJM Torq winches are constantly ready for action and powerful, not matter if you are just touring through the county or if you use the winches for your commercial operations. The winch will be optimally combined with our MaiStone winchsystem. Their winch-attachment has been, following the EC directive 2005/66/EC, tested positive in the pedestrian protection test. In addition to the winches, we offer you recovery-kits, different straps and even compressor-set as well as tire-repair kits.

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