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Volkswagen Amarok Lift Kit

Lift Kit Amarok TJM
Lift Kit VW Amarok TJM

The Volkswagen Amarok is particularly appreciated for its powerful engine and the off-road capabilities it offers. This is why the Amarok is known as a tireless workhorse by building contractors, foresters, gardeners and off-road enthusiasts alike. Volkswagen Amarok drivers, unlike sports car drivers, intend to raise their vehicle to maximise its off-road capability on rough terrain and to achieve greater ground clearance. Our suspension configurator allows you to assemble the individual components of the Suspension Spring Kit (SSK) for your VW Amarok according to your own wishes. A significant advantage over standard off-the-shelf lift kits.

TJM 4x4 Equipped is a bedrock of Australian off-road and suspension technology and is one of Australia's most popular and well-known suspension suppliers. The first-class TJM technology has already proven itself for 40 years in the extreme conditions of the Australian outback and has been continuously developed since the company was founded in 1973.

An Amarok lift by means of the Suspension Spring Kit ensures better axle articulation and thus more traction in difficult terrain. This is made possible by longer springs and matching shock absorbers. Reinforcement of the front coil and rear leaf springs is also advisable to compensate for the additional weight of the off-road equipment. Canopies or roll bars, cable winches, front, rear and underride protection and roof loads such as roof tents, bicycles or heavy tools increase the overall weight considerably and negatively affect the handling of the vehicle. This is where the XGS coil and leaf springs come in handy. With our configurator you can put together a TJM suspension kit, exactly matching the weight of your payload.

All components of the suspension configurator include a parts certificate (exclusive to Ullstein Concepts in Germany) to ensure quick and easy registration with TÜV, Dekra or KÜS.

Coil Springs

TJM product presentation: Coil Springs

Leaf Springs

TJM product presentation: Leaf Springs

Shock Absorbers

TJM product presentation: Shock absorbers

Poly Bush Kit

TJM product presentation: Poly bush kit