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Lift Kit Fiat Fullback TJM

The Fiat Fullback is known as a tireless workhorse not only among contractors, foresters, gardeners and farmers, but also off-road enthusiasts appreciate the off-road capabilities of the Fiat Fullback in personal use.

To maximize the off-road capability of your vehicle and achieve a higher ground clearance, we recommend lifting the Fiat Fullback using a Suspension-Spring-Kit (SSK). With our suspension configurator, powered by TJM, we give you the ability to individually combine single components of the Suspension-Spring-Kit (SSK) for your Fiat Fullback and thus perfectly adapt to your own needs. This way you will obtain a custom suspension configuration, instead of a standard off-the-peg suspension kit.

TJM is a veteran of Australian off-road and suspension technology and is one of the most popular and well-known suspension suppliers in Australia. The first-class TJM technology has proven itself for over 40 years in the extreme terrain of the Australian outback. Since the company was founded in 1973, the products have been continuously developed and optimised.

Raising your Fiat Fullback with the Suspension Spring Kit provides improved axle articulation, giving you more traction on difficult terrain. This is achieved by matching shock absorbers to the longer exchange springs. In order to be able to register the conversion of your vehicle quickly and easily with TÜV, Dekra or KÜS, you will receive a parts certificate for all components of our suspension configurator.

Coil Springs

TJM product presentation: Coil Springs

Leaf Springs

TJM product presentation: Leaf Springs

Shock Absorbers

TJM product presentation: Shock absorbers

Poly Bush Kit

TJM product presentation: Poly bush kit