Winch mounting kit with pedestrian protection guard for the Nissan Navara NP300

winch mounting kit Nissan Navara

No matter where you go, with the Navara you have a faithful companion for every adventure by your side. If you still exceed the limits of the Navara's off-road abilities, you should be prepared. The towing service won't get as far as you did with the Navara.
Here the equipment of your Nissan Navara with a winch pays off. With a strong winch you extend the range of motion of the NP300 and make yourself and your pick-up independent from outside help. But the application possibilities of a strong winch go beyond the pure self-recovery and the recovery of other vehicles, too. With this mobile power pack on board, the pickup is equipped for many other difficult tasks.

Of course, a pedestrian protection guard should not be missing on a pickup. But usually, the same fixing points are used for the installation of the two different products. This makes a joint assembly more difficult or it is hardly possible without structural adaptations. However, such changes are not easily possible with homologated attachments. An inspection of the attachment by the TÜV also poses increasing difficulties, as the available winch attachment kits are usually not inspected with regards to the changed accident behaviour.

Nevertheless, the desire for this equipment combination is all too understandable.
For this reason, the Ullstein Concepts team has addressed this issue and developed the first winch mounting kit with combined pedestrian protection guard for the NP300, which has even been successfully tested for pedestrian protection test following the EC Directive 2005/66/EC.

Together with the mounted winch mounting kit on a Navara, our pedestrian protection guard went through the complex crash tests and was E-approved. The positive crash behaviour is confirmed on our TÜV parts certificate for the winch kit, so that during the approval process there will not be any unpleasant surprises.

The winch attachment kit is properly protected against corrosion by a KTL coating and a powder coating on top. The pedestrian protection guard is made of V2A and is either mirror polished or powder-coated in black.

For choosing the right winch that fits our winch mounting kit, we offer the Australian TJM TORQ winches and the Maistone ComeUp winches.
If desired, we can also supply you with winches in accordance with the DIN standard EN 14492-1 (Cranes - Power driven winches and hoists).

Winch Nissan Navara

Winch MaiStone Rhino 8 Nissan Navara Winch MaiStone Seal Gen 2 9,25 Nissan Navara Winch TJM TORQ 12000lb Nissan Navara Winch TJM TORQ 9500lb Nissan Navara

MaiStone ComeUp- & TJM TORQ-winches

Our MaiStone ComeUp winches, for the Nissan Navara, are the reliable partner, for everyone who needs an electric winch for his daily business.
In combination with the stylish Nissan Navara the Rhino 8 will get your attention with the following features:
✓  3,56 tonne pull power
✓  9 mm - 25 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 0,7 - 9,0 m / min
✓  power: 12Volt
✓  weight: 32 kg
✓  winch is compliant with EN 14492-1

The „stronger brother“, on the other hand, the Seal Gen 2, comes with these characteristics:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  10 mm - 30 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 2,1 - 14,5 m / min
✓  power: 12 Volt
✓  weight: 28 kg
Winch is not tested after EN 14492-1.

Despite his elegance the Nissa Navara has also offroad capabilites. That’s why we have two TJM TORQ winches available, for all offroad enthusiasts, for who the streets are not the paths to follow.
The winch TJM TORQ 12000lb, is the winch for everyone, who needs the full power at their disposal to make sure, that they can rescue themselves from every situation. The TJM TORQ 12000LB has the following details:
✓  5,44 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 294:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

Also reliable at the recovery of your pickup is our winch TJM TORQ 9500LB. Her characteristics are:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 210:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

All of our Nissan Navara winches can be combined with our MaiStone winch mounting kit.