Your Isuzu D-Max is missing something?

Our Canopies make your D-Max complete!

Canopy Isuzu D-Max double cab Sammitr V4 sliding side window

We present to you our newest Canopy:
The Green-Top Canopy

The Green-Top canopy is made from ABS plastic. This material, combined with the design, is the perfect match for the Isuzu D-Max.
This canopy is very resistent, light and long lasting and represent a very good choice to pair with the Isuzu.
At the same time, the Green-Top comes with a conspicuous standard range of equipment features:

Painted in vehicle colour
recyclable basic material
third brake light
connection to central locking
manual lock
montage with aluminium clamps
Plug & Play wire harness

available with: tinted pop-out windows or glass side flaps, and much more.

Canopy Isuzu D-Max 2017 double cab Green-Top glass side doors

We are introducing:
The Sammitr V4 canopy for the Isuzu D-Max - made of steel

The canopy Sammitr V4 does not only look good but fits perfectly on the Isuzu D-Max and is the only Hardtop made entirely from sheet steel.
Hereafter are the numerous details that make the Sammitr standing out from comparable products:

made of galvanized steel shell
recyclable basic material
connection to the Isuzu central locking
rear heated window
extra large access area due to the tailgate construction (similar to a utility wagon)
gas struts hidden in the roof area
interior lighting with automatic switching when opening/closing the tailgate
✓ third brake light
roof rails with 100kg clearing (suitable for a roof tent)
opening lever on the inside of the hatch and closing lever on the outside
excellent waterproofing due to the hatch construction
(lateral water removal), lateral overhangs and sealed with double hose rubber instead of customary cellular rubber
assembly with hidden aluminium clamps

Canopy Isuzu D-Max double cab Sammitr V4 sliding side window

Available for Double Cab and Space Cab. The right hardtop for every kind of situation.

The V4 canopy is also available with glass side doors:

Canopy Isuzu D-Max 2017 double cab Sammitr V4 glass side doors

Sidewindows can be very useful and practical in everyday scenarios. Especially when additional features like an extra floor protection or a shelf are installed.
The regular version includes two manual locks for the side windows.
Electronic locks are available as well and they directly interact with the vehicle central locking system, without any mistake.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials?

There is the evergreen question of which material is the optimal for a canopy.
The most sincere answer is that it depends on the user's needs.
Fibreglass is the right choice when it comes to produce small series. The development costs and the tooling costs are relatively low. The finished product has a low weight but the final quality is subjected to the skills of the single worker. If the request is a fast disassembly, a fibreglass-top can be the right choice.

A hardtop made of sheet steel is, on the other hand, stronger, more robust and durable.
This plus of stabilty allows the better consruction and make a difference during the daily use.
The investment costs for a manufacturer for a shaped steel sheet product are about 100 times higher than with a fiberglass hardtop. Therefore, on the market there are only a few producers who can afford such investment costs and deliver an excellent product at the same time.

We are proud to be able to offer these exclusive hardtops, in our product range, to our customers.