Urgent Update 15.04.2021:

You can place your order and reach customer service via the online shop, email or telephone. Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm.

The Covid-19 situation is very dynamic and we are still very mindful of everyone's health. Therefore, we have moved 80% of our workspace to home office and thus only work in shifts in the local office. This ensures our internal operations are maintained and we can continue to do everything we can to counteract the effects caused by the pandemic. Please note that due to the current regulations we have to keep our showroom closed until further notice. On-site sales are restricted. You are allowed to collect your purchases on the premises, but face to face consultation is currently only possible upon request. In addition, if there is an incidence value of 100 or more, a negative antigen test, max. 24 hours ago or a PCR test, max. 48 hours ago must be shown. Alternatively, we also offer rapid antigen detection tests on our premises for self-testing. However, all workshop appointments will continue as planned and can be arranged by making an appointment. Stay healthy!


Primus Kinjia Gas Stove

Two burner camping cooker

Nr.: 242609099
Kuchomas Grill

Colour: black

Nr.: 242609100
Bag for Kuchomas Grill

Colour: Black

Nr.: 242609101
Kamoto fire bowl large

470x60x650 mm - approx. 9,6 kg

Nr.: 242609102
Cooking-set CampFire large

3l - 210x155mm - 1650 g

Nr.: 242609103
CampFire Pot

3l - 198mmx108mm - 730 g

Nr.: 242609104
CampFire Pot

5l - 198mmx195mm - 920 g

Nr.: 242609105
CampFire Frying Pan 21D

210(bottom)mmx50mm - Weight: 470g

Nr.: 242609106
CampFire Frying Pan 25 D

260(bottom)mmx50mm - Weight: 730g

Nr.: 242609107
CampFire Cutting Set

Cutting board and knife

Nr.: 242609108
CampFire Prep Set

Campfire Knife(12cm) + Spatula, Cooking Spoon and Cooking Fork + Stainless Steel Grater

Nr.: 242609109
Salt and Pepper Mill 2 pack

Size: Ø27 x 125 mm - Weight: 170g

Nr.: 242609110
CampFire Bowl Stainless Steel

Size: Ø240x95mm - Weight: 310g

Nr.: 242609111
Primus CampFire Plate S/S

Stainless steel camping plate - Ø210x36mm - 125g

Nr.: 242609112
CampFire Cutlery Set 18 cm Knife, Fork and Spoon

Size: 185x40 - Weight: 80g

Nr.: 242609113
Vacuum Tumbler

Colour black 0,6 l

Nr.: 242609114
Primus 4-Season Camping Mug

0.3L Stainless Steel

Nr.: 242609115
Campfire Pint Stainless Steel Mug Black

Colour black, 0,6l, Ø95x155mm Weight 110g

Nr.: 242609116
CampFire Pint Stainless Steel Mug Set

1x 4 Pieces, 0,6l, Ø95x155mm Gewicht 110g

Nr.: 242609117
Primus Onja Stove DUO

2 burner stove

Nr.: 242609118
Primus PrimeTech Stove Set 2.3L

All-in-One Stove System

Nr.: 242609119
Primus Lite Plus Stove System Black

Lightweight trekking stove

Nr.: 242609120
Primus Micron Stove

Trail Stove

Nr.: 242609121
Primus Express Spider II

Lightweight remote-canister stove

Nr.: 242609122