Primus Kinjia Gas Stove

Two burner camping cooker

Nr.: 242609099
Kuchomas Grill

Colour: black

Nr.: 242609100
Bag for Kuchomas Grill

Colour: Black

Nr.: 242609101
Kamoto fire bowl large

470x60x650 mm - approx. 9,6 kg

Nr.: 242609102
Cooking-set CampFire large

3l - 210x155mm - 1650 g

Nr.: 242609103
CampFire Pot

3l - 198mmx108mm - 730 g

Nr.: 242609104
CampFire Pot

5l - 198mmx195mm - 920 g

Nr.: 242609105
CampFire Frying Pan 21D

210(bottom)mmx50mm - Weight: 470g

Nr.: 242609106
CampFire Frying Pan 25 D

260(bottom)mmx50mm - Weight: 730g

Nr.: 242609107
CampFire Cutting Set

Cutting board and knife

Nr.: 242609108
CampFire Prep Set

Campfire Knife(12cm) + Spatula, Cooking Spoon and Cooking Fork + Stainless Steel Grater

Nr.: 242609109
Salt and Pepper Mill 2 pack

Size: Ø27 x 125 mm - Weight: 170g

Nr.: 242609110
CampFire Bowl Stainless Steel

Size: Ø240x95mm - Weight: 310g

Nr.: 242609111
Primus CampFire Plate S/S

Stainless steel camping plate - Ø210x36mm - 125g

Nr.: 242609112
CampFire Cutlery Set 18 cm Knife, Fork and Spoon

Size: 185x40 - Weight: 80g

Nr.: 242609113
Vacuum Tumbler

Colour black 0,6 l

Nr.: 242609114
Primus 4-Season Camping Mug

0.3L Stainless Steel

Nr.: 242609115
Campfire Pint Stainless Steel Mug Black

Colour black, 0,6l, Ø95x155mm Weight 110g

Nr.: 242609116
CampFire Pint Stainless Steel Mug Set

1x 4 Pieces, 0,6l, Ø95x155mm Gewicht 110g

Nr.: 242609117
Primus Onja Stove DUO

2 burner stove

Nr.: 242609118
Primus PrimeTech Stove Set 2.3L

All-in-One Stove System

Nr.: 242609119
Primus Lite Plus Stove System Black

Lightweight trekking stove

Nr.: 242609120
Primus Micron Stove

Trail Stove

Nr.: 242609121
Primus Express Spider II

Lightweight remote-canister stove

Nr.: 242609122