Protect your cargo area with a tonneau cover from all weather conditions and dirt while at the same time creating a secure lockable trunk. A fuel consumtion saving of up to 12 percent is another positive side effect. At Ullstein Concepts you will find the perfect tonneau cover for your Nissan Navara!

Tonneau Covers by Mountain Top for Nissan Navara

A name that stands for high-quality aluminium tonneau covers is Mountain-Top (formerly Bjerg Cab). Due to a high quality and a modern appearance, which is the result of continuous development, Mountain Top covers have established themselves worldwide.<

As distribution partner for Mountain-Top, we are pleased to introduce the Mountain-Top products to you in detail:

Tonneau Cover Mountain Top Style Heavy Duty+

The latest version, the HEAVY DUTY+, has evolved from the Mountain-Top Style and can carry a high load capacity of 150 kg. Despite the strong reinforcement, the tonneau cover is very light at about 26 kg only.

The 360° railing provides attachment points for optional cross bars The aluminium tonneau cover comes with a quick mounting system, which allows quick and easy disassembly and assembly without screwing.

The initial assembly takes about 60 minutes.and doesn't require drilling

150kg load capacity
26kg to 29kg net weight
Allround railing
Quick disassembly system
Aluminium lightweight construction
Assembly does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Nissan Navara tonneau cover heavy duty plus

Alu-Cover Mountain Top Style

Despite its low weight of approx. 25 kg, this tonneau cover can still take a load (via crossbars) of up to 75 kg.

For assembly and disassembly just unhook the shocks and put the cover in the vertical position and remove the cover from the hinges.

The latest Mountain Top Cover has a mounting groove in the outer frame, which allows the installation of optional crossbars.

The initial assembly of the tonneau cover doesn't require drilling and takes approx. 60 minutes.

75kg load capacity
20kg - 25kg net weight
Quick and easy disassembling and assembling
Aluminium lightweight construction
Mounting does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Nissan Navara tonneau cover Mountain-Top Style

Rollcover Mountain Top Roll

More functionality: Equipped guide rails with a C-Slot for combination with other optional accessories such as crossbars or a roll bar.

High durability: High quality processed lock components and thicker aluminium wall thicknesses of the roller blind slats ensure greater stability and robustness.

Quick installation: The usual time-consuming adjustment work is no longer necessary with this product. Only two drill holes are required for the 2 front water drainage hoses on this cover. The rest of the assembly is done exclusively by clamps

Adjustable roller blind tension: For the first time, this roller blind for the Nissan Navara allows the adjustment of the roller blind tension. This is done by means of an adjusting screw on the roller blind box, which allows the retraction speed of the Roll-Cover to be accelerated or decelerated.

Improved design: The black side rails of the roller blind and the aluminium look create a harmonious overall picture of your Navara with the roller blind. But also the Black Editon of the roller blind completes the Nissan Navara perfectly.

75kg load capacity via cross bar
Multiple snap-in positions
Adjustable closing and opening speed
Aluminium lightweight construction
Easy mounting with aluminium clips
In silver or black
Cross bars optionally available

Nissan Navara tonneau cover Mountain-Top Roll

Mountain-Top Roll Installation

for Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Mountain-Top Roll

Roll- and Cross- Bars are optional

Nissan Navara Mountain-Top Style

Cross- Bars are optional