Accessories for the Suzuki Jimny GJ

Suzuki has launched the new Jimny and the European market has gone literally crazy for it. The waiting list from more than a year for having this vehicle delivered, says a lot on how much this car is appreciated. It is in fact one of the smallest and most effective off-road vehicle ever produced. The Suzuki Jimny has been the most versatile offroader and this new model is expected to be event more performing.

This is the reason why at Ullstein Concepts we developed a variety of brand-new accessories for the new Suzuki Jimny, with the aim of emphasizing its off-road and travel qualities, as well as everyday usability.


Front protection

Front view of a Suzuki Jimny 2019 with accessories and front guard Concept Plus with side wings in black matt

Our new unique frontal protection systems: Concept and Concept Plus, match Jimny’s edgy design, reinforcing its straightforward and distinctive overall appearance.

Elaborate compression moulding tools have been created especially for this new design, enabling high-quality production. Made of stainless steel, the front bars cannot be surpassed in terms of stability and are also well thought- through in terms of body protection. Furthermore, unlike most front bars, the ground clearance of the vehicle is not reduced and therefore offroad driving is not restricted.

All our Jimny bull-bars are available in high gloss polished stainless steel or black powder coated and are approved according to the latest EU regulations 78/2009 and 631/2009 and tested according to pedestrian protection standards.
Available at Ullstein Concepts GmbH, only.

Side view of a Suzuki Jimny with front bar UC-Bulli. On the left side in silver and on the right side in matte black Side view of a Suzuki Jimny front bar UC-Concept without side wings. On the left side in matte black and on the right side in silver
Suzuki Jimny bull bar Concept Plus in the variant Color Mix Suzuki Jimny Accessories - Front-Protection Concept Plus - matt black

Rear protection

Rear protection for Suzuki Jimny 2018

With its striking design, our rear guard perfectly matches the edgy design of the Jimny as well as our front bars Concept and Concept Plus. Like our bull-bar, the rear protection is matt black powder-coated. Available at Ullstein Concepts GmbH, only.

Side bars

Side Protection
Our side-guards perfectly round off the offroad characteristics of your Suzuki Jimny and provide valuable protection for your vehicle. It is designed as a side bar including a slim platform. All parts are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel or black powder coated.

Side Covers:
The stainless steel covers are attached to the plastic section under the door and provide additional protection for your vehicle. It perfectly complements the side bar and protects your vehicle from stone chips. Depending on the chosen finish, the products are available in high gloss polishing or black powder coating.

Suzuki Jimny with offroad accessory "Running Board Concept" made of stainless steel in black
Suzuki Jimny with accessory part "Running board Concept" made of polished stainless steel
Suzuki Jimny Styling Parts


The winch is an extremely important accessory for off-road recovery. That is why at Ullstein Concepts, we developed the first installation kit to attach a winch to the Suzuki Jimny, including a front protection bar, with TÜV approval and tested for pedestrian impact protection. The safety and quality of our products is a priority for us.

Winch installation kit

Our winch mounting kits are tested both in crash tests and for personal protection. The high-quality TJM winch is the ideal accessory for this vehicle. We offer various winches up to 1.8 tons that fit this mounting kit.

Suzuki Jimny Winches


The Suzuki Jimny TJM AirTec Snorkel - this is Australian off-road technology and should be included in every Jimny off-road conversion. As a TJM representative and our very own TÜV Certificate we are able to introduce this state-of-the-art technology onto European roads.

The snorkel relocates the air intake which allows you to cross water, otherwise this is a risky manoeuvre. Water crossings do not only mean river crossings, but also shallower mud flats, which can also be found on flooded roads. While a small amount of water is not a problem for the engine, a greater amount of water can lead to fatal damages. The high air intake also comes in handy on dusty roads, as heavy dust can also lead to damages.

The snorkel housing is made of high quality polymer material (with UV8 resistance) and is designed to optimise airflow. The typical Ram-Air-System (standard air intake) is shaped for a perfect fit with the Suzuki Jimny. High quality is ensured due to CAD-supported product development.

Suzuki Jimny Snorkel


The X-Rack - our exclusive black aluminium roof rack. A minimum dead weight with maximum load capacity increases the loading capacity of your Jimny. The robust aluminium construction is ideal for transporting extra cargo on the roof of your vehicle. The Heavy Duty version is equipped with 6 strong clamps and 9 reinforced equalizers. Therefore, even point loads on the carrier are no problem. The roof rack is designed for 100kg payload.

The X-Rack roof rack for the Suzuki Jimny:

Length: 160 cm Wide: 125 cm


The Yakima Crossbar and LockNLoad platform for the Suzuki Jimny GJ, is perfect for carrying extra loads and accessories on the roof of your Jimny. With the innovative T-slot rails, you can easily attach any type of roof rack accessory, such as lightbar clamps.

The Yakima crossbars, clamp-on mounting feet and roof platform are available as individual products, or as a complete set with a discount.

Suzuki Jimny Roof Rack


An underride protection guards important components of your Jimny against dirt and damage. Furthermore, an underbody protection additionally protects against corrosion, e.g. from road salt and prevents catalytic converter theft. The Suzuki Jimny underride protection is available in the following variants:

- Radiator and steering
- Front axle differential
- Rear axle differential
- Gearbox and transfer case

All variants available in 4mm aluminium or 2mm steel (black)

Suzuki Jimny Underride Protection


A wheel spacer increases the track width and makes your Jimny look beefier and more powerful. In addition to the visual change, a wheel spacer also improves handling. The wider distance between the contact points of the two wheels of an axle increases the driving stability and reduces the side lean when cornering. The Suzuki Jimny wheel spacers are available in the following variants:

- 46 or 56mm per axle

- 46 or 56mm per axle

Suzuki Jimny Track Widening


We offer a wide range of LED light-bars and driving lights in different sizes and designs.

Suzuki Jimny LED Bars


Our dog boxes, made of aluminium, ensure the safe and comfortable transport of your four-legged friend. An additional waterproof wooden inlay protects the truck bed from moisture.

Small aluminum dog box on a Suzuki Jimny cargo bed 2018
Catalog Suzuki Jimny Accessories 2019