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Dear friends and visitors,
we are pleased to inform you that we are back in business and the showroom is open for customers now that some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We kindly ask you to comply to the following health and safety measures when visiting our premises:

We welcome you, but unfortunately no handshakes allowed.

At every entrance you will find a disinfectant dispenser for hand disinfection to be used before you enter the premises. Workplaces that may come in contact with visitors are equipped with disinfectant as well. Please keep the specified minimum distance of 1.5m. We have provided various markings to make it easier to keep the distance. We kindly ask you to also keep 1.5m distance when we talk you through the handling of the product on your vehicle when outside of he building.
All office desks and surfaces are being disinfected on a regular basis. The main desk is additionally protected with plexiglass.

After installation in our workshop the seat of your vehicle will be protected with a foil seat cover. The steering wheel, interior lining and switches will get disinfected before the vehicle is handed over to you.
You are welcome to use our cashless payment system.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on our premises for all visitors, customers and employees. If possible, please bring a face mask with you. If you don’t have a face mask we can provide one for you, as well as disposable gloves upon request.

In case you are experiencing flu like symptoms, we kindly ask you to postpone your visit.

We are looking forward to be welcoming you soon in Langenbach!

Your Ullstein Concepts Team

ConVid 19_update 27.04.2020

New in our assortment: winch mounting kit for the Toyota Hilux - tested for safety

winch mounting kit Toyota Hilux

The terrain capabilities of the Toyota Hilux are legendary. On the toughest terrains and in the remotest corners of the earth, it has earned a reputation for indestructibility and unconditional reliability. But even a Hilux can reach its limits in difficult terrain. This is where the rope winch comes in and expands the range of motion of the Hilux.

In this way you make yourself and the Hilux independent. But the advantages of a strong winch go beyond the pure self-recovery possibility. This means that other vehicles can also be rescued, and it is an indispensable equipment when a lot of power is needed.

In addition to a winch, Hilux' wish list also includes a pedestrian protection guard. Since mounting both accessories usually collide, the assembly has always caused difficulties or was only possible with structural changes. An inspection of the attachment by the TÜV also poses increasing difficulties, as most of the available winch attachment kits are not tested for the pedestrian impact.

Nevertheless, in our opinion a real offroader like the Toyota Hilux is only complete if it has a strong winch as well as a pedestrian protection front guard. That is why the Ullstein Concepts team has taken up this issue and presents the first winch mounting kit with a combined pedestrian protection guard for the Toyota Hilux. This kit was positively tested regarding the pedestrian protection impact following the EC Directive 2005/66/EC.

Together with the mounted winch set on a Toyota Hilux, our pedestrian protection guard underwent extensive crash tests and was E-approved. Our TÜV parts certificate for the winch kit confirms the positive crash behaviour, so that there can be no unpleasant surprises during the homologation process.

The long durability of the winch mounting kit is provided by a KTL coating, underneath a powder coating. The pedestrian protection front guard is made of stainless steel and is either highly polished or powder-coated in black.

You can choose between MaiStone ComeUp winches or the Australian TJM TORQ winches to match the winch mounting kit.
If required, we can also supply winches in accordance with DIN standard EN 14492-1 (Cranes - Power driven winches and hoists).

Winch Toyota Hilux

Winch MaiStone Rhino 8 Toyota Hilux Winch MaiStone Seal Gen 2 9,25 Toyota Hilux Winch TJM TORQ 12000lb Toyota Hilux Winch TJM TORQ 9500lb Toyota Hilux

MaiStone ComeUp- & TJM TORQ-winches

Our MaiStone ComeUp winches, for the Toyota Hilux, are the reliable partner, for everyone who needs an electric winch for his daily business.
The well-established Toyota Hilux emphasis the characteristics of the Rhino 8:
✓  3,56 tonne pull power
✓  9 mm - 25 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 0,7 - 9,0 m / min
✓  power: 12Volt
✓  weight: 32 kg
✓  winch is compliant with EN 14492-1

The slightly stronger „brother“, the Seal Gen 2 on the other hand, comes along with these features:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  10 mm - 30 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 2,1 - 14,5 m / min
✓  power: 12 Volt
✓  weight: 28 kg
Winch is not tested after EN 14492-1.

You can also count on the reliability of the Toyota Hilux when going off road. For those people, those who prefer their own path instead of any given road, we included two TJM TORQ winches in our portfolio.
The winch TJM TORQ 12000lb, is the winch for everyone, who needs the full power at their disposal to make sure, that they can rescue themselves from every situation. The features of the TJM TORQ 12000LB are:
✓  5,44 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 294:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

The winch TJM TORQ 9500lb has also some convincing details for the recovery of your pickup:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 210:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

All of our Toyota Hilux winches can be combined with our MaiStone winch mounting kit.

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