If you want to turn your Fiat Fullback off-road ready, then you have come to the right place. At Ullstein Concepts we carry all products for a Fiat Fullback off-road conversion, such as bull bars, light bars, snorkel as well as cable winches and off-road suspension kits.

Off Road Accessories for the Fullback powerd by TJM

TJM 4x4 Equipped is one of the most popular and well-known off road accessories suppliers in Australia. For 40 years now, the high-quality and first-class technology has proven itself in the extreme conditions of the Australian outback. Since the company was founded in 1973, the technology has been continuously developed and optimised.

Fullback Suspension Kit Configurator

Our TJM suspension kits are not only simple lift kits. With these suspensions you create a real technology upgrade for your Fiat Fullback. Through different spring and damper designs, the suspension of your Fullback can be optimally adapted to your wishes and individual requirements. All TJM suspension components are supplied with a parts certificate, which makes it easy to register the upgrade with the TÜV.

TJM-Suspension Kit Fiat Fullback Off Road Accessories

TJM Demo: Suspension-Kit

Fullback Winches & Accessories

With our cable winches and the matching attachment kit for the Fiat Fullback, you are perfectly equipped for any event. Whether for business or private use, electrical TJM Torq winches are always ready for action and powerful. In addition, we offer recovery sets with belts, a tyre repair kit and a compressor set.

Fiat Fullback Off Road Winches & Accessories

TJM Demo: Winches

Fiat Fullback Roof Tent by TJM

If you want to travel with your Fullback without any limitations, our TJM roof tents, awnings and roof marquees are the right choice. The roof tent, which offers protection from bad weather, is also very useful in hot weather. The windows can be opened and are euipped with mosquito nets. An awning is particularly comfortable in adverse weather conditions. During the day, an marquee provides shadow as well as protection from wind and rain. So there is nothing to stand in the way of a trip to faraway countries and you can make yourself comfortable during the day, and night.

Fiat Fullback Roof Tents & Accessories

TJM Demo: Yulara Roof Tent and Roof Top Awning

Fullback Airtec Snorkel by TJM

In order to be able to cross deep water, the air intake of the TJM AirTec snorkels is laid to the upper edge of the roof. Raising the air intake to a higher level also brings other advantages, such as higher fuel efficiency and less air filter clogging.

Unlike other manufacturers, TJM designs and constructs the snorkel individually and adapts the natural shape of the Fiat Fullback.

Fiat Fullback Airtec Snorkel TJM

TJM Demo: Airtec Snorkel

Fullback Off Road LED Lighting

At Ullstein Concepts we offer a wide range of additional headlamps in many styles for off-road use. Whether Extra-Slim Light-Bars (LED light bars for mounting on the front bracket) or XL Light-Bars as position lights on the roof. Also available are driving lamps with E-mark as well as work and position lights of the brands: Maistone, Osram and Strands.

Strands LED Light Bar Curved Fullback Accessories

Strands Lighting Division