Volkswagen Amarok Canopy

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Hard Top Canopy VW Amarok Green-Top and Sammitr V2

The VW Amarok masters every adventure. It combines cross-country mobility, flexibilty and reliability.* Together with a good hardtop, the cargo space can be useful even with hostile weather, completing the pickup at the same time.
Within our exclusive canopy selection, you will find a wide variety of hardtops, ready to support you during a wide range of activities. The newest models, powered by six cylinder engines, are capabile of exploring every kind of road and towing really heavy trailers.
How about our extra robust Sammitr V2 canopy made out of steel sheets? Or would you prefer our Green-Top by Aeroklas?

We would be happy to advise you on this matter, so that we can find the Amarok accessories that best fit your needs.

VW Amarok Canopy Green-Top glass side doors

Canopy Green-Top - modern design combined with the flexibility of abs-plastics

The sportive design of the Green-Top canopy for your Volkswagen Amarok will support you during every activity.
This Green-Top canopy is made from ABS synthetic during an automated process that leaves no room for error. That is why, the Green-Top fits perfectly on the Volkswagen Amarok.
Furthemore, the production includes the fabrication of two shells, an inner and a outer layer. This choice reinforces the final structure of the canopy, increasing its stability and durability.
Modern ABS synthetics have a high degree of recyclability which embraces the mindset of sustainability. These compound materials are being processed in a specific way, in order to guarantee an outstanding accuracy in every detail. The Plug & Play harness is very helpful to integrate perfectly the Hardtop during the installation. Also available for the new VW Amarok from 2023 onwards

The Green-Top comes with the follwoing features:

installation with alu-clamps
recyclable basic material
plug & play cable harness
connection to central locking
manual lockable lock
sprayed in vehicle colour
front sliding window
additional third break light
gas springs
interior lighting with door connection
tinted windows

available with: side pop-out windows, side sliding windows or glass side doors
available on order: roof rails and spoiler

Canopy VW Amarok Green-Top pop-out windows VW Amarok Canopy Green-Top side sliding window VW Amarok Canopy Green-Top side sliding window Canopy VW Amarok Green-Top glass side doors VW Amarok Hard Top Canopy Green-Top V2 glass side doors

Canopy Sammitr V2 for Amarok made of steel with sliding side windows or glass side doors:

The Sammitr V2 has the same structure in sheet steel as your own pickup. The industry manufactures these canopys with modern automated welding robots.
The linear design is a good combination with the Amarok's style, where straight lines prevail.
Only the best quality components are being used for the Sammitr V2:

e.g. rear lock with a connection to the vehicle central locking system
automatic interior light
heated rear window
synthetic leather interior lining.

VW Amarok Hardtop Sammitr V2 glass side doors VW Amarok Canopy Sammitr V2 glass side doors Canopy VW Amarok Sammitr V2 side sliding window

The standard roof rails can be loaded up to 100 kg and can therefore comfortably carry a roof tent
The overlapping sidewalls and the usage of a double hose seal instead of a standard hose seal are resulting in a clearly improved waterproofing.

We recommend this pickup canopy for your VW Amarok as an exclusive and durable canopy!

The steel hardtop is available with side sliding windows or with glass side doors. This functional option allows for a comfortable access to the loading area. We recommend the side doors in combination with additional customised interior accessories (for example the sliding tray WORKS).  

ABS-plastics or steel? - a short explanation of material characteristics


Our partner for ABS-hardtops has been developing hartops made from plastic (generally acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, in short ABS), for more than 36 years.
This means the have very valuable know-how about the materials as well as on the production process.
ABS plastic is very resistent to high temperatures and on everyday life, it is a concrete protection against hostile weather conditions.
Due to the highly automated production process, this material has a high surface quality, thus most of the additional cosmetic manual works are unneccessary.
An additional interior frame and the double ABS-casing give the hardtop a high robustness. Because it is made of mostly ABS-plastic, the hardtop is highly recyclable.
The overall weight of this is less than e.g. a hardtop made of steel.
This makes it relativly easy to mount and to dismount the Hardtop from the truck bed.
To sum up, the ABS-hardtop is the flexible solution to cover the cargo space of your Volkswagen Amarok, model 2012 as well as the new V6 models.

sheet steel - advantages and disadvantages

Sheet steel is largerly used in the automotive industry, to produced automotive parts, for example.
A significantly higher load capacity for loads and a durable stability are its main advantages. Steel can be recycled too and this characteristic makes this material a sustainable ally for pickup accessories.
On the other hand, the natural disadvantage of a hardtop in sheet steel is its additional weight of about 25% if compared with an ABS hardtop.
Preventing the corrosion with adequate coatings is also part of the highly automated production process. That is the reason why the development and tool costs are a extremely high.
The manufacturer Sammitr is one of the very few who can face these investments and produce sheet steel hardtops.

We are proud to be the exclusive reseller and to offer these exclusive hardtops to our clients!


What is the best hardtop for the Volkswagen Amarok?
There is not an absolute answer because it depends on the specific needs of the customer.
If you are looking for a Hardtop that has to be often deinstalled, but characterised by a stable and durable structure over the years, the ABS models are what we recommend.
If light wieght and the simplicity of installation is not the main requirement, we recommend a sheet steel hardtop by Sammitr because of the numerous advantages given by the material on every use.

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