Quality accessories for the Ford Ranger

fits the models: XL, XLT, Limited, Wildtrak & Raptor - Extra and Double Cab

Accessories Ford Ranger

Truck-Bed Covers and Canopies for the Ford Ranger:

Aeroklas Green-Top - Canopies made with ABS synthetic material

The Aeroklas Green Top Canopy features an "Engineered ABS Double Shell Technology" creating a tough and durable pickup canopy. Aeroklas uses high-tech thermoforming tools to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and meet TÜV approval requirements for the European market. Available with hinged windows, glass flaps or without side windows.

Accessories Ford Ranger Green-Top Canopy

Sammitr - Steel Canopies

Sammitr is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces pickup canopies made of sheet steel. The company was founded in 1967. In addition to pickup canopies, the manufacturer produces body- and vehicle parts for the automotive industry, truck attachments and even small trucks. Gladly we quote the manufacturer's slogan: Would you buy a pickup if it was made of plastic?

Accessories Ford Ranger Sammitr Canopy

Mountain Top - Aluminium Cover

For decades, the Mountain Top has been synonymous with the highest quality aluminium chequer plate truck-bed covers. There are two different railing configurations available for all Ranger vehicle versions. The ingenious hinge system paired with a low dead weight allows a quick disassembly with a few steps. Up to 100 kg load capacity in motion.

Accessories Ford Ranger Mountaintop Alucover
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Extendable Truck Bed Slides for the Ford Ranger:

Sliding Tray WORKS - Standard and Premium

With our new extendable sliding platform: WORKS you can comfortably load and secure your cargo. The robust aluminium construction opens up many new possibilities for customised configurations and specific use of the loading space. The platform can be extended by 2/3 and comes with five safety catches. The unlocking system can be operated with two fingers. The WORKS sliding platform is delivered completely assembled and only needs to be screwed to the vehicle using the assembly set.

Sliding tray WORKS Premium Ford Ranger
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Sliding Tray Classic - Standard and Premium

Our extendable sliding tray: "Classic" assists in loading and unloading. The platform can be pulled out 2/3 of the way and can be locked in place at 5 points. If necessary, the loading area can simply be removed by loosening 2 stop screws to the rear. The assembly time is about 120 minutes.

Sliding tray Classic Ford Ranger

Truck-Bed Protection

A plastic Truck-Bed Liner (underrail) made of unbreakable and flexible ABS synthetic material, protects the vehicle body from shocks and scratches. The upper edge of the tailgate is often scratched and dented. With our synthetic Bed Rail Cap for the rear and the sides, this will be a thing of the past.

Accessories Ford Ranger Bed liner
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TJM Off-Road Equipment - powered by Ullstein Concepts

Our extensive range of roof tents, suspension kits, snorkels and winches will put you in off-road heaven.

Ford Ranger offroad accessories


In difficult terrain, a winch can become a life saver as the recovery of a fully loaded vehicle does not pose a problem anymore.

Roof Top Tents

Roof tents and roof tops by TJM perfectly combine the mobility of the pickup with the flexibility of being able to camp anywhere.


Snorkel move the air intake to the top edge of the roof. Convenient, e.g. for water crossings or rough offroad terrain.

The all-new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023

Coming Soon: The new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023! After years of fierce competition on the European pickup market between the manufacturers Volkswagen and Ford, the new Ranger and Amarok are now being launched as a joint project. Both vehicles share the same platform and engine technology.

The fourth generation will be launched on the European market at the end of 2022 with a new top engine and many new features. Those who particularly appreciate the off-road capabilities of the new Ranger can push them to the limit with our off-road equipment. Already in development are an off-road snorkel and suspension lift from TJM 4x4 Equipped, as well as a winch attachment kit and wheel spacers from MaiStone. Furthermore, canopies by Sammitr and Aeroklas as well as tonneau cover by Mountain-Top will be available to order here shortly. Of course, all products come with TÜV approval and will be available for purchase here soon.

The all-new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023