Pickup Canopy

A pickup with an open loading truck bed has a very limited usability in our regions.
When your truck bed is exposed for too long to adverse weather conditions can get ruined very quickly and in the worst case, harm the integrity of the entire pickup, too. Bad weather such as rain, snow and ice but heavy sun too, may damage your loaded goods whether they are your working tools for everyday use or just an occasional transport. Only a canopy, or literally a hard roof, completes the pickup and results in a bigger, always available cargo area.
Ullstein Concepts provides a wide range of canopies to cover o wide range of different needs as well as tastes. The easy fitting system with clamps, is the perfect solution for obtaining a solid structure, without altering your original pickup chassis.

Pickup Canopy Aeroklas Green Top mounted on a blue VW Amarok 2023

As an exclusive reseller of well-known manufacturers, we are proud to offer the best brands for canopies and cargo space covers for your Pickup trucks to our customers. In addition to that, the technical dept. of Ullstein Concepts develops and enhances in-house solutions to provide “Special Solutions” to fulfil even the most specific requirements.
We offer covers for all the most popular pickup models like the Volkswagen Amarok, the Ford Ranger, the Isuzu D-Max, the Nissan Navara, the Toyota Hilux, the Mitsubishi L200 the Fiat Fullback and so forth. In our product list are already included accessories for the most recent model such as the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the Nissan Navara D23, the Mitsubishi L200 KJOT and the Toyota Hilux Revo.
Furthermore, our range covers many different versions of these models. We offer hardtops not only for Double Cabs but for Extra and Single Cabs too.

Hereby, we are pleased to introduce our partner manufacturers Sammitr and Aeroklas to you,
and to guide you through the different characteristics of their exclusive hardtops.

Sammitr TL1 Pickup Canopy mounted on a black Ford Ranger Raptor

Hardtop "Green-Top" - Dealer's Favourite

The sporty design of our new Green-Top combines harmoniously with the design of the vehicle, making it an eye-catcher.
This hardtop for your pickup truck is produced from ABS plastic and due to the highly automated production process, the inner and outer shells are characterised by a final outstanding quality. The choice of a superlative production material results in a very good surface and an extra durability which are guaranteed. These composite materials also ensure the high precision fit of the hardtops on the pickup trucks they are respectively designed for.
The Plug & Play wire harness is included and is essential for an easy integration with the system of the vehicle, avoiding faults and errors during the assembling.

The complete equipment of the Green-Top will please also the most exigent professionals:

painted in vehicle colour
recyclable basic material
sliding front window
third brake light
interior light with door switch
connection to the central locking system of the vehicle
manual lock 
gas compression springs
assembling with aluminium clamps
Plug & Play wire harness

available with tinted pop-out windows or glass side doors
available on request: roof rack and spoiler

Aeroklas Green-Top Canopy mounted on a Ford Ranger Modell 2023 Aeroklas Stylish Canopy with Pop-Out Windows on a Ullstein Concepts Ford Ranger 2023 Hardtop Pickup Green-Top Fiat Fullback Mitsubishi L200 Aeroklas Green-Top Hardtop Canopy mounted on a black Ford Ranger Double Cab ex 2023 Aeroklas Green-Top Canopy mounted on a blue VW Amarok Pickup DC 2023 Aeroklas Green-Top Hardtop Canopy with open flaps and windows on a blue VW Amarok pickup truck

Sammitr is the only worldwide producer, who manufactures hardtops with sheet steel. Sammitr was founded in 1967. Among hardtops, this manufacturer produces body parts for the automotive industry, motor truck installations and even small motor trucks. Consequently, the technologically advanced and highly automated production, is not surprising. Steel sheet guarantess, among other benefits, stability and robustness.
With regards to the single details of the construction and the different components, the producer does not accept compromises in terms of quality, only choosing what complies with the highest automotive standards. 
Ullstein Concepts is the exclusive importer for Germany and Austria. Gladly, we quote our partner's:"Would you have bought your pickup, if it was made out of plastic?"

The hardtop-models of the manufacturer Sammitr:
Model V2 & TL-1

Both models come with a standard equipment which will please also the most exigent professionals:

Shell made of galvanized steel
recyclable basic material
connection with the pickup's central locking system
additional manual first-class exterior lock and interior locking lever
serial roof rails with a maximum of 100kg dynamic vehicle payload
vinyl interior lining
interior light with an automated on-/off-switch
third brake light
heated rear window
sliding side windows or

optional birdwings doors (not available for all models)
optimized water tightness through overlapping sidewalls and
low-wear hose seal for contact area, etc.

Toyota Hilux Offroad Umbau von Ullstein Concepts mit Sammitr TL1 Hardtop im OEM Farbton 4V8 Avantgarde Bronze Sammitr TL1 Hardtop-Abdeckung für Pickups auf einem schwarzem Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 Double Cab mit weiterem Offroad Zubehör Fotostudio Nahaufnahme eines Toyota Hilux Pickup im Fotostudio in Avantgarde Bronze mit farblich passenden Sammitr TL1 Hardtop Rückansicht eines orangefarbenen Pickups mit Sammitr V2 Stahl-Hardtop. Die seitlichen Glasklappen und Heckfenster sind weit geöffnet

The look of the hardtop Sammitr V2 strongly follows the Australian trends and offers a loading height of nearly 100 cm (this varies slightly on different models).

The newest model of the Sammitr hardtop collection, the TL-1, complies with the latest standards used by the automotive industry.
The desing had been developed for a perfect fit of the Hardtop on different pickup models.

GFK-Tops vs Plasic-Tops vs Steel-Hardtops for Pickups
What are the best Canopy's

The question that many users wonder is the following "which one is the best canopy?"
Determining and absolute answer is not possible, because it strictly depends on the personal requirements. Hereafter, we would like to highlight and describe the different characteristics of the different materials on the market.

Canopys made of fibreglass

Fibreglass is probably still the most common material for the construction of hardtops. Already with the lowest investment costs, products can be produced and thus the material is also suitable for small manufacturers. The advantage of the GRP is, in addition to the low costs involved, the good balance between stability and dead weight. GRP is primarily produced in the so-called hand laminate process. Unfortunately, the use of this material includes several disadvantages too.
The most important ones to keep in mind are a limited surface quality of the raw product with necessarly requires a large use of manual rework, the age-related changes in the surface, the susceptibility of the surface to cracks and bumps and slight bends and the risk of surface blisters especially in the painted parts.
The mentioned disadvantages can be mitigated with an accurate production phase that includes adequate quality controls in the intermediate steps.
Nevertheless, the quality of the final result remains high, because of the intense use of human labour.
The final quality of GRP parts is therefore very much dependent on the individual skills of the individual workers and of the production company.
Especially for rare types of vehicles and models where only limited quantities are expected to be sold, fiberglass currently remains indispensable.
Because GRP is not recyclable, this material will be less and less used in the next few years.

Hardtops made of modern plastic (ABS)

A small number of manufacturers started the development of plastic hardtops (mainly ABS plastic) several years ago and have been implementing them ever since.
The necessary stability of this large-area product is achieved by the use of an additional inner frame or of a profiled inner shell.
This technique increases the robustness and the load capacity.
The total weight of the product remains low and corresponds approximately to an equivalent GRP products.
The material has a high surface quality already as a raw product, which does not required a large manual reworking.
Investment costs for producing ABS canopies are much higher if compared with fibreglass ones, but partly compensated by the lower manual labour.
Modern production companies, which usually use robotized production lines, are the typical producrs for this kind of hardtop. 

Canopys made of steel

Molded sheet steel is largely used by automotive manufacturers to produce parts and accssories for the industry.
The weight can be considered the main disadvantage; nevertheless, only a 25% increase in weight, compared to an ABS of GRP canopy, is expected. 
On the other hand, robustness stability and long durability are the main advantages of this material. Consequently, also a relatively heavy load can be transported on the rood of the hardtop. Moreover, the solidity of the structure allows to have much larger tailgates which lead to a better access to the cargo area. 
 In addition, the surface quality is of course very good and does not fear the time-passing and corrosion is prevented by an immersion coating.
The enormous development and tooling costs mean that for many years there will be a sole manufacturer who will produce Hardtops made from pressed sheet steel.

If the wight plays and essential role in your choiche, the best option is between a  GRP and a ABS plastic canopy.
Our professional advice tends to give preference to ABS, for the above mentioned reasons.
However, if high robustness, the possibility of carrying a load on the roof, the long-term durability are required as well as the flexibility of a regular disassembly is of secondary importance, the focus should certainly be on the steel hardtops.