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Mitsubishi L200 Canopy

The successor of the Mitsubishi L200, as its predecessor, is a proper working vehicle. Besides some minor design improvements, this pickup sticks to the design set of the past models. However, the comfort factor has been improved even more in the latest L200.
Depending on the version, passengers in the second row will have almost as much room as in the front row. Alternatively, the focus shifts on a longer, and therefore bigger, loading truck bed.
Every model has room for at least two additional passengers that are really handy with regards to the Mitsubishi's main fields of application.

canopy Mitsubishi L200 Sammitr V4 with side windows

Municipalities and craftsmen, as well as in the agricultural sector, the Mitsubishi L200 is largerly utilised due to its reputation as a work horse
The four-wheel drive system can be also turned off in some versions, making this pickup suitable for every type of work.

To further expand the range of operations in which the Mitsubishi L200 can be employed, Ullstein Concepts offers exclusive hardtops as an upgrade. 

In the following paragraphs we presents our canopies for the Mitsubishi L200 to further improve its working capabilities, based on different professional needs.
In this way, not only an increased loading space will be available, but your load will be protected against hostile weather conditions as well.

Canopy Mitsubishi L200 Sammitr V4 with side windows white

Canopies for the 2015 & 2019 editions of the Mitsubishi L200

We offer you a wide range of hardtops for the Mitsubishi L200, for the double cab as well as for the Club Cab version.
With the latter the focus lies on having a bigger truck bed at disposal, to further increase the loading capabilities.
Whereas with the Double Cab, the second row of passengers has a more comfortable travelling experience.

Green-Top Canopy - dealer's favorite choice

The sporty look of the latest member of our hardtop family is an eye catcher.
A closer look reveals the high quality and the durability of this Canopy as well as how harmoniously it combines with the pickup.
The smooth desing and the perfectly precise fit are made possible by the highly mechanised production of both ABS plastic inner and outer shells of the hardtop.
Moreover, the Plug & Play wire harness that works together with the vehicle ones, simplify even more the easy installation process.
The standard equipment of the Green-Top offers many premium features:

painted in vehicle colour
recyclable basic material
sliding front window
✓ interior light with door switch
connection to central locking vehicle system
manual lock
gas compression springs
easy assembly with aluminium clamps
Plug & Play wire harness

available with: tinted sidewindows or glass side doors
available on order: roof rack and spoiler

Canopy Green top for Mitsubishi L200

Sammitr V4 Canopy - established robustness for experts

The robust Sammitr V4 Hardtop and the Mitsubishi L200, both as a Double Cab or as a Club Cab, are the perfect match for those who value the durability and the robustness without giving away an appealing design.
The reliable securing of the cargo, regardless the kind of terrain and weather conditions, is guaranteed with this high quality hardtop.
When looking for longevity and high robustness, steel sheet is the only material to consider.
This hardtop model comes with a long list of serial characteristics, which will satisfy any needs:

shell made of galvanized steel
recyclable basic material
connection with vehicle's central locking
factory roof rail (max. rood loading 100kg additional dynamic load)
full interior lining
assembly with aluminium clamps 
heated rear window
fixed side windows or birdwings door

optional glass side doors

Canopy Mitsubishi L200 double cab Sammitr V4 with glass side doors