The new roll cover for the Ford Ranger
- Mountaintop Roll - from Mountain Top

Mountain Top Roll - the Ford Ranger's new rollo

Also fitting for the Ford Ranger Limited thanks to the optional mounting kit for the roll bar!

The manufacturer Mountain Top, well-known as a manufacturer for aluminium-covers for many years, now presents an alumiunium-rollo.
This product mirrors the longtime experiences and improves aspects like funcionality, longevity, easy to mount and design of the present rollos.

more functionality:
The guiderails are equipped with a c-nut for additional optional accessories, like cross bars or a styling bar.

improved longevity:
Stronger aluminium walls of the rollo-slats and the guiderails clearly improve the stability and robustness. High quality lock components guarantee long-lived joy with this product in that specific area as well.

improvend installation:
This product doesn't need any standard, time-consuming calibrations. Drilling is still necessary but only for two holes for the front water drainage hoses. The rest of the installation is completed with clamp fittings.

adjustable rollo-speed:
For the first time, the speed of the rollo itself can be adjusted with a bolt at the rollo-case. Therefore the speed of the rollo can be increased or reduced.

improved design:
The black rounded side-rails and the high-class aluminium look of the rollo results in a harmonic finish of the vehicle.