Our premiere: winch mounting kit for the Isuzu D-Max - pedestrian protection tested

winch mounting kit Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-Max is a real working machine on any terrain. Even working off the road is possible thanks to its excellent off-road characteristics. On difficult terrains, however, an Isuzu can also reach its limits. A winch is the first choice to make, to be prepared for all the possible scenarios. Equipping your D-Max with a winch means being independent and do not have to rely on other’s help, especially when travelling far away from civilisation.

The winch will allow the Isuzu D-Max to trail its weight out of dangerous situations with a minimum effort required.
Furthermore, the winch also serves the D-Max to rescue escort vehicles or as a tool for all situations in which a lot of power is needed.

Of course, a pedestrian protection front guard shouldn’t be missing on an off-roader. As natural as the wish of this combination may be, it is unfortunately difficult to implement, because normally both products cannot be installed on the vehicle at the same time.
Usually a combination is only possible with structural changes, which would lead to the loss of the homologation. In addition, the TÜV approval of winch attachments is increasingly difficult, because on the one hand the vehicle will change its behaviour over a crash, and previously available attachment kits are normally not tested in this respect. On the other hand, the experts are very sensitive to this subject and tend not to allow the approval.

Nevertheless, we are convinced that the Isuzu D-Max, as a real off roader, deserves a winch and a pedestrian protection front guard.
The Ullstein Concepts team has therefore continued to work on this topic and finally came up with a definitive solution.
We are therefore pleased to present to you the first winch attachment kit with a combined pedestrian protection front guard for the Isuzu D-Max, which has been positively tested in the pedestrian protection test following the EC Directive 2005/66/EC.

Our pedestrian protection guard, together with the mounted winch set on an Isuzu D-Max, has passed the complex crash tests, obtaining the E-approval. Our TÜV parts certificate for the winch mounting kit with winch confirms the positive impact behaviour, so that the approval will be guaranteed.

In order to guarantee a long life span, our winch mounting kit is KTL-coated and then powder-coated. The pedestrian protection guard is made of stainless steel and is optionally available as a mirror polished or black powder-coated version.

In addition to the winch system, our Australian TJM TORQ winches or our MaiStone ComeUp winches are available to suit your preference and requirements.

Winch Isuzu D-Max

Winch MaiStone Rhino 8 Isuzu D-Max Winch MaiStone Seal Gen 2 9,25 Isuzu D-Max Winch TJM TORQ 12000lb Isuzu D-Max Winch TJM TORQ 9500lb Isuzu D-Max

MaiStone ComeUp- & TJM TORQ-winches

Our MaiStone ComeUp winches, for the Isuzu D-Max, are the reliable partner, for everyone who needs an electric winch for his daily business. The Rhino 8 can in a team with the Isuzu D-Max score some points with these features:
✓  3,56 tonne pull power
✓  9 mm - 25 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 0,7 - 9,0 m / min
✓  power: 12Volt
✓  weight: 32 kg
✓  winch is compliant with EN 14492-1

The “big brother“, the Seal Gen 2 on the other hand, has these features to offer:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  10 mm - 30 m synthetic fibre rope - Made in Germany
✓  rope speed: 2,1 - 14,5 m / min
✓  power: 12 Volt
✓  weight: 28 kg
Winch is not tested after EN 14492-1.

For all who doesn’t need a street to find a way, we have two TJM TORQ winches fort he Isuzu D-Max to offer.
The winch TJM TORQ 12000lb, is the winch for everyone, who needs the full power at their disposal to make sure, that they can rescue themselves from every situation. The TJM TORQ 12000LB brings up these details:
✓  5,44 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 294:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

Equally reliable at the recovery of any lost pickup is our winch TJM TORQ 9500LB. These are her features:
✓  4,3 tonne pull power
✓  reduction: 210:1
✓  9,5 mm - 28 m synthetic fibre rope
✓  remote control with 3,7 m cable
✓  power:12 Volt
✓  weight: 35 kg

All of our Isuzu D-Max Winden winches can be installed with our MaiStone winch mounting kit.