Bedliner under- or overrail for VW Amarok Double Cab

High-quality bedliner for the Volkswagen Amarok made of especially break-proof, flexible ABS plastics. Exceptional comupter designed fit. Because of the well elaborated design, which includes buffer-notches and buffer-points between bedliner and truck bed, impacts are beeing absord in an ideal way, the truck bed is protected and high levels of break-proofness are reached. Naturally the bedliner will be delivered with a part for the trunk lid and installation material. Drilling into the truck bed isn't necessary. Available for the VW Amarok double cab.

You may choose betwen the under- and overrail version. The underrail bedliner makes the installation of a cover possible. The bedliner will be placed right under the truck bed hinge and leaves engough space for the common clamp fittings of the cover. The overrail version, on the other hand, also protects the truck bed's upper edges effectivly against damages. Both version can be combined with a truck bed coating. In addition, the rail cab, for a belated upgrade of your pickup, is either available for the complete rail or only for the rail cab.