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Nissan Navara Hard Top Canopy

With the latest, completely overhauled fourth generation of the Nissan Navara pickups, a truly powerful automobile, entered the stage. Already in 2005, the D40 surprised the critics with its full performance and a pleasant driving experience, exploring an unkown field for pickups.
With the new chassis of the 2016 NP300, Nissan adds another feature and promises a driving comfort comparable to passenger cars.
Nissan describes the new NP300 as a crossover between leisure and work *.
To make the truck bed of the Navara fit for both leisure and work demands, Ullstein Concepts offers a variety of canopies also for the 2016 model.

Canopy Nissan Navara NP300

Nissan Navara NP300 Canopy

The most recent generation of the Nissan Navara pickup continues the series of flexible high-class expeditionary vehicles.
The double cab model ensures high variability according to the usage of a high payload as well as with several passengers.
Even the driving comfort has been increased using coil springs instead of leaf springs. This is a unique advancement in the pickup segment, so far.

Canopy Nissan Navara NP300 double cab Sammitr V2 with glass side doors

Green-Top - dealer's favourite

The newest hard top canopy has a sportive design, which combines harmonically with the vehicle.
The automated production of the ABS-plastics inner and outer shells, makes this hardtop a high quality and a durable accessory.
The modern ABS material has, compared to traditional materials, an excellent surface quality that does not suffer the aging even after years of use.
Furthermore, the material also grants the canopy a high precision fit.
A very special feature is the Plug & Play harness, which perfectly integrates with the vehicle system without errors.

The standard equipment of the Green Top will please even the most exigent professionals:

✓ smooth surface ABS canopy painted in your vehicle color
✓ recyclable basic material
✓ sliding front window
✓ third brake light (E-mark)
✓ interior light with door switch
✓ connection to central locking
✓ manual lock
✓ easy fitting with 6 aluminium clamps
✓ Plug & Play harness

available with: pop-out side window (tinted) or glass side doors
optional: roof rails and spoiler

Canopy Nissan Navara NP300 double cab Green-Top pop-out windows

The Sammitr V2 the sportive canopy made of steel sheet

This cover is not just another canopy for the Nissan Navara NP300 2016 Double Cab version. Because of the use of steel sheet, the V2 stands out with its high stability and robustness, just like his bigger brother, the V4 canopy.
Together with the off-road capabilities of the Nissan Navara, this extraordinary robust hardtop fits harmoniously with the sporty desing of the Nissan pickup.
In conclusion, the Sammitr V2 is the best accessory for those who are looking for an outstanding design, ready to tackle the everyday challenges .

Made from galvanized sheet steel, the Canopy for the Nissan Navara NP300 offers a wide set of characteristics:

✓ made of galvanized steel shell
✓ painted in vehicle colour
✓ recyclable basic material
✓ connection with vehicle central locking (rear door)
✓ roof rail (max. load 100kg)
✓ full interior lining
✓ heated rear window
✓ side gull wings
✓ clamp fitting
✓ weight 85kg - 95kg

Canopy Nissan Navara D40 double cab Sammitr V4 sliding side window

Via the selection you will be directed towards your favoured hard top canopy, for your Nissan Navara NP300 2016.

*quote: Nissan Center Europe