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Styling parts for your commercial vehicle

Styling parts for commercial vehicle - stylish and practical

Styling parts like bull-, spoiler-, and side-protection bars or underride protection plates, not only enhance the optical appearance of your vehicle but also add additional protection.

Styling Parts commercial vehicle spoiler protection bar Hyundai Tucson 2015

Front Protection

Here you will find matching accessories and styling parts for your commercial vehicle to protect the front part of your vehicle from contact from wildlife and other objects.

Frontal protection systems, also referred to as bull-bars have enjoyed great popularity since the 1980s for off-road vehicles, SUVs, light commercial vehicles and trucks. The bull-bar serves as an impact protection and gives your vehicle a unique look. A bull-bar also allows the installation of further components such as a winch.

A hard-wearing underride protection plate guards the engine and transmission from rough off-road terrain or bad road conditions and also provides durable and corrosion resistant protection.

A spoiler protection bar protects the front bumper of your vehicle from damage in a low-speed collision. Especially in city traffic, the front bumper bar provides effective protection against expensive scratches and other paint damage and is visually more discreet than a bull-bar.

Side Protection

Here you will find suitable accessories and styling parts for your commercial vehicle or van that are designed to provide optimum protection of the vehicle flanks, e.g. against stone chips.

Side protection bars serve as flank protection, e.g. to prevent manoeuvring damage, and at the same time set a sporty accent on your vehicle.

Footboards, as protective sidebars, provide effective protection for the vehicle's planking and furthermore allow a comfortable access into the vehicle.

Rear Protection

Here you will find suitable accessories and styling components for the rear and loading area of your commercial vehicle.

A rear footboard is a boarding aid mounted on the tow-bar enabling a safe and comfortable access to the rear of the vehicle.

A rear bumper protection bar protects your vehicle's rear bumper from damage in the event of a low-speed collision. The rear bumper bar also provides effective protection against paint damage, especially when manoeuvring in city traffic.