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Snorkel TJM Airtec Standard air inlet with TÜV approval

Suzuki Jimny 2019+

Nr.: TSS011SAT0157X

The Suzuki Jimny AirTec Snorkel with TÜV Approval

…the essential off-road accessory! As TJM's distribution partner, we introduce the Jimny Snorkel, in conjunction with a TÜV certificate issued by us, onto European roads.

Suzuki Jimny AirTec Snorkel


The purpose of a off-road snorkel is to shift the engine's air intake to the very top of the roof. As a result, driving through flooded terrain, for example, is no longer a risky manoeuvre. It does not necessarily have to involve spectacular river crossings, even low water levels, such as flooded roads, are enough to cause problems. This is because the water front created by a fast crossing can cause water to penetrate the engine and thus damage the Jimny.

Combustion engines typically compress the fuel-air mixture by the movement of the piston, cannot maintain a normal ratio of about 14 and 18 to 1 if there is too much water in the engine. The piston hits a wall of water, thereby damaging the piston- or the connecting rods.


Suzuki Jimny AirTec Offroad Snorkel Shop


In addition, less dust is drawn into the engine due to the elevated intake point of the TJM snorkel. The CAD snorkel housing ensures optimum air flow, providing the engine with a steady and efficient air supply.

The Jimny snorkel is made of high quality polymer with UV8 resistance. Due to CAD-supported manufacturing, the design matches the overall appearance of the Suzuki Jimny perfectly and enhance its off-road look.


Snorkel Black Suzuki Jimny GJ - TJM Airtec