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Mercedes X-Class & the best accessories

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The Mercedes X-Class is the first pickup with a star!

The Mercedes X-Class is the first pickup with a star!
With its pickup "X-Class" Mercedes introduces its first pickup onto the market.
The basis for the new pick up is the well-known Nissan NP300. As expected, Mercedes has revised the Nissan thoroughly, and has left little trace of the original model. Additionally to the outer skin and the interior, many technical details have been altered. The interior design leaves no doubt that one is sitting inside a real Mercedes.
According to the concept „Pickup meets lifestyle“ the X-class skilfully manages the balancing act between a workhorse and a classy SUV.

No other vehicle is being so extensively equipped with accessories as a pickup.
The Accessory supplier and accessory developer, Ullstein Concepts is already offering first-class accessories for the rising star among pickups.