The Mercedes X-Class

The first pickup with a star

Mercedes-Benz recently launched its first pickup, the "X-Class". The basis is the well-known Nissan NP300, but Mercedes revised the Nissan thoroughly so that only little reminds of its origin. Under the slogan "Pickup meets Lifestyle" Mercedes skilfully manages the balancing act between load donkey and elegant SUV with the X-Class. As an accessory supplier and accessory developer, Ullstein Concepts offers extensive accessories for the new star in the pickup sky.

Canopy for Mercedes X-Class

Hardtops for the Mercedes X-Class

Hardtops are among the most popular accessories for pickup trucks, such as the Mercedes X-Class. A protected cargo area offers many practical advantages, especially in our latitudes with lots of rain, snow and wind. However, covers of all kinds not only offer protection from the weather, but also protect against theft. In addition, the extended lines create a very harmonious overall picture, so that the luxury pickup is also visually enhanced.

Robust and high quality: The Sammitr TL1

The TL1, the latest model by Sammitr and probably one of the best hardtop canopies currently available for the Ranger. A hardtop design that blends perfectly with the vehicle's contours. Sammitr hardtop canopies are the only pickup canopies that are made from pressed steel sheet. This production and development process is the equivalent to the vehicle itself and is unique for a canopy.

This high-quality manufacturing process not only gives the hardtop a high degree of strength and durability but also a true tailgate, whereas plastic canopies only use a central glass as a tailgate. This results in a significantly larger loading width and height. Another benefit is the significantly improved weather resistance because the steel hatch technology prevents water from reaching the hatch area, as it is being directed away to the sides. The use of high-quality hose seals instead of foam rubber seals further enhances water resistance.

This version of the TL1 canopy is equipped with electric locking glass flap side windows. Both, the rear and side glass flaps are connected to the central locking system of the vehicle. The side flaps have an electric release, which is triggered by a pushbutton on the canopy’s back side. The electrical unlocking of the side flaps is only activated when the vehicle is unlocked, to avoid security issues.

The hardtop is delivered including ABE (general operating permit). A TÜV registration is therefore not necessary.

Product Details:

Hardtop made of pressed steel sheets
EPD dip coating for optimum corrosion protection
Incl. painting in the original vehicle color
Connection to vehicle central locking system
Electrical unlocking of the glass flaps at the push of a button
Rear window defogger & manual lock
High-quality hose seals
Roof rails (railing with 100 kg load capacity)
Clamp mounting (without drilling)
Broad loading width and height
Lift up side windows & bow window
Integrated LED lighting
Interior vinyl lining
Dead weight 85 to 95 kg
Recyclable base material

Canopy X-Class Sammitr TL1 Canopy X-Class Sammitr TL1 Canopy Mercedes X-Class Sammitr TL1 Hardtop X-Klasse Green-Top Hardtop X-Klasse Green-Top clamp