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Mountain Top - tonneau cover made from aluminium

Mountain Top tonneau cover Mercedes X-Class

The company Mountain Top (formerly known as Bjerg Cab) has been recognised worldwide as one of the main brands for top quality tonneau covers made from aluminium, for decades.
Mountain Top's products are characterised by an impeccable quality and the company's constant investments on development make sure that this trend will continue. 
As an offical sales partner, the team of Ullstein Concepts is responsible for the distribution and the customer service of the Mountain Top Products in Europe.

In the following paragraphs we will present the manufacturer Mountain Top and the products Mountain Top and Mountain Top Roll, more in details.

The manufacturer - Mountain Top Industries ApS

With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Mountain Top Industries ApS from Denmark is fabricating high-level accessories for Pickups.
Visiting to the production facility in Fredrikssund is always an impressive experience.
There are two apparently opposite scenarios that the vistors will notice while walking through the halls, making you wonder, for a brief moment, if that really is the place where everything is produced and manufactured. 
On the one hand, the brightness of the spaces and the calmness of the employees would mislead you and make you thinking that not much is happening there.
On the other hand, when the semi-automated machines production is revealed, your mind will be captured by the high speed pace that leaves no room for mistakes, underlyining onces more the high levels of perfection of the final Mountain Top accessories and components.

The product tests are being performed in heavy terrains under extreme conditions to guarantee durability and high quality like no others.
As a conclusion, it is ensured that the Mountain Top withstands any conditions, no matter in which corner of the world.

Mountain Top Cover - Mountain Top Style or Mountain Top Style Heavy Duty PLUS with rail

The classical Mountain Top, also known as Bjerg cab, has been developed and constantly improved over decades and does not show any weaknesses.
The balanaced mix of stability and weight increases the flexibilitiy of the Pickup's cargo space usage.
The cleverly designed hinge system enables the easy removal of the cover. Because of the minimal self-weight, a sole person can dismount the cover with no problems in a very short time frame.
 Nonetheless, it is possible to load a maximum of 150 kg payload on top of the cover.

The new Mountain Top Style is the successor of the the well-known Mountain Top Classic, (with circumferential rails or sport rails).
It has a newer design as well as an additional features that can be mounted on the outer frame, allowing the installation of optional cross carriers.

The model Mountain Top Style HD+ with rail does not just bring back the well-known rail, but it provides a loading capacity of up to 150 kg.
This product is available for all the most popular Pickups like the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Nissan Navara, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, Mercedes X-Class and many other.
Furthermore the availability for double cab versions, extra cabs and single cabs is guaranteed too.

The product has the following key features:

✓ payload of up to 150 kg (model Heavy Duty+)
✓ low self-weight of about 25 - 29 kg
✓ available with circumferentail rail (only for model Heavy Duty+)
✓ opens and closes with gas springs
✓ easy installation through clamp fittings
✓ integrated lock
✓ additional mounting option in the outer frame
✓ optional cargo carriers with a max. payload of 75 kg

Mountain Top tonneau cover Toyota Hilux

Mountain Top Roll
the rollcover made from aluminium

In 2012 Mountain Top presented its new aluminium Roll product, called Mountain Top Roll
Since then, Mountain Top has been developing his product keeping the basic idea as the starting point for new accessories too.
This flexible cover has been refined and well-engineered to become a sophisticated product, which complies to the high standards of the Automotive industry.

The numerous advantages that result are immediately preceived by the finals users. The great stability during the time and the easy installation are just the main ones.
This tonneau cover shows also a harmonious desing that fits perfectly on the truck bed of the Pickup. Moreover, the smart guide rails attached to the cover are an addtional surface to fix a load, that increase the flexibility of this product. More crossbars (e.g. for bicycle transport) and Roll-bar can be mounted too.
Opening and closing the Mounting Top has never been so easy, thanks to the adoption of coil springs.

The tonneau cover is available in silver and in black.
The Roll-bar is available in silver and in black

The tonneau cover has the following characteristics:

✓ optional cargo carriers with a maximum loading capacity of 75 kg
✓ flexible handling through different snap-in positions
✓ adjustable opening- and closing speed
✓ lock included
✓ easy installation through aluminium clamp fittings.

Mountain Top Roll tonneau cover Isuzu D-Max
More information about the manufacturer: Mountain Top Industries