Mercedes X-Class Lift Kit

Lift Kit Mercedes X-Class TJM
Lift Kit Mercedes X-Class TJM

The Mercedes X-Class, aka the workhorse in pinstripes, is now part of the everyday street scene. In addition to the lifestyle aspect, however, the impressive off-road characteristics of the X-Class and the associated driving pleasure are also appreciated. In order to maximise the ground clearance and off-road behaviour of the X-Class, we recommend a lift using a Suspension Spring Kit (SSK).

TJM is an Australian off-road and suspension manufacturer and is one of the most popular and well-known suspension suppliers in Australia. The high-quality TJM technology has proven itself in the extreme terrain of the Australian outback since the company was founded in 1973.

In contrast to off-the-shelf X-class suspension kits, we offer our customers a customized solution. With the suspension kit configurator from Ullstein Concepts, in cooperation with TJM, you have the option of assembling the individual components of your suspension lift kit.

The suspension configurator components all come with a (exclusively in Germany) parts certificate, which is supplied with the kit. This allows you to register your X-class spring lift kit, quickly and easily with Dekra, TÜV or KÜS.

Coil Springs

TJM product presentation: Coil Springs

Leaf Springs

TJM product presentation: Leaf Springs

Shock Absorbers

TJM product presentation: Shock absorbers

Poly Bush Kit

TJM product presentation: Poly bush kit