Combining safety and durability: the top choice for 12V electric winches!


Have you ever asked yourself which electric winch is the right one for your off-road adventures?


Most off-roaders often encounter the following problems:

  • Getting stuck in rocky terrain or rock crawling.
  • The slope angle was too steep and the longitudinal axle touches down again
  • The mud hole was too deep and the four-wheel drive does not work as it should


Manually recovering your off-road vehicle costs a lot of time, energy and the risk of injury is high.


In our online shop, we offer a large selection of electric winches from brand manufacturers, which are renowned for their quality and endurance.


With the latest technologies and various designs, our electric winches impress with unbeatable pulling power and high durability.


Whether you are looking for a winch for the loading area or for the bull bar, we have you covered for every operation.


The synthetic cable ensures easy handling and impresses with its high load capacity. The winch window ensures that the rope is wound and unwound evenly and safely on the drum.


With our wide range, you will find the right 12V electric winch for every purpose. And best of all: thanks to the included remote control, you can operate the electric winch without putting yourself in danger.


In case you still have questions as: What is the best winch? Which winch size? How strong does a winch have to be? How does an electric cable winch work? Then our expert team will be happy to answer all of your questions, so that your next offroad trip runs smoothly. 


If you are planning to upgrade your UTE pickup truck, we also offer suitable fitting kits including winch bar and TÜV certificate.


Dive deep into your next adventure with our electric off-road winches!