Nissan Navara NP300 - Lift Kit

Lift Kit Nissan Navara TJM
Lift Kit Nissan Navara TJM Offroad Suspension

The Nissan Navara (or Frontier), which has been produced since 1986 by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan, now in its fourth version, is particularly well known for its impressive off-road characteristics. With a Suspension-Spring-Kit (SSK) you can raise your Navara to achieve more ground clearance and maximize off-road capabilities and driving experience on rough terrain.

Our suspension kit configurator, in cooperation with TJM 4x4 Equipped, allows you to configure the individual components of the Suspension-Spring-Kit (SSK) for your Nissan Navara NP300 according to your own preferences. A considerable advantage over standard off-the-shelf suspension kits!

The suspension supplier TJM offers a remarkable technology for this, which has already proven itself for 40 years under the extreme conditions of the Australian outback. This technology has been continuously developed and adapted since the company was founded in 1973.

A Nissan Navara elevation by means of Suspension Spring Kit provides better axle articulation and thus more traction in difficult terrain. This is made possible by longer exchange springs and matching shock absorbers.

Also to carry the additional load of off-road equipment it is recommended to reinforce the suspension springs. The additional weight of the front and rear bows, roll bars or hardtop, winches, roof tent or other roof load such as a cabin, luggage, bicycles, tools etc. increase the total weight of the vehicle not insignificantly and therefore also negatively impact the handling of the vehicle, as the standard suspension is not designed for the additional weight. Our suspension configurator allows a configuration of the suspension springs perfectly adapted to the payload weight, and thus improves the handling.

Ullstein Concepts provides a parts certificate for all TJM suspension components exclusively in Germany, so that the conversion can be registered quickly and easily with TÜV, Dekra or KÜS.

Coil Springs

TJM product presentation: Coil Springs

Leaf Springs

TJM product presentation: Leaf Springs

Shock Absorbers

TJM product presentation: Shock absorbers

Poly Bush Kit

TJM product presentation: Poly bush kit