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Covers & Hardtops

Are the Cover Mountain Top Roll, Mountain Top Alu Cover, das Roll ‘n‘ Lock, as well as the Hardtops waterproof?

    Because of the integrated water drainage the Mountain Top Alu Cover and the Hardtops are weather resistant. As for the Mountain Top Roll and the Roll 'n' Lock slightest amounts of water might get through.
May I drive through a car wash, with the covers Mountain Top Roll, Mountain Top Alu Cover, as well as the Hardtops?
    In general it is possible. But, because of the high pressure of the water beam and the differing directions of the water, water might get through. Please also note, that the aluminium's high sensivity to certain acid washing substances, which are used in car washes.
How is the Mountain Top Roll being locked?
    The Mountain Top Roll locks itself through the guide rails (right and left side). On request, a special editon, which also locks the tailgate, is available. We don't recommend this for vehicles with a standard lock in the tailgate.
What is the capacity the Sammitr hardtops are made for?
    The dynamic capacity of a Sammitr hardtop is 100 kg, the static capacity is 250 kg.
Is the pickup's tailgate, with a mounted hardtop, locked?
    The tailgate of the hardtop is lockable. Depending on the choosen modell, it can also be locked with the central locking system. Because the tailgate of the hardtop lies on top of the pickups tailgate, the latter is unavoidable locked, too.
Can I buy a hardtop without rails and does this affect the price?
    Sammitr hardtops: The price with or without rails is the same. The hardtop will be delivered to the customer without installed rails, thererfore you have the option to not install the rails. In that case, you should screw in bolts with a rubber seal, to prevent your hardtop from having holes in the roof.
    Smart Hardtops: No, this product will be delivered with mounted rails. A version without mounted rails isn't available.
How can I determine the absolute height of the hardtops?
    You will find the numbers you have to add to your specific vehicle height in this list.

Sliding trays WORKS & Classic

What materials are used for the WORKS and Classic sliding trays?

    The sliding tray WORKS consists of an extraction part, with a KTL- & powder coating, as well as frame sections made of aluminium. At the WORKS Premium version, the side plates also come with a KTL- & powder coating.
    Steel is the mainly used material, beside the robust wood-plate, for the Classic sliding tray.

How is the sliding tray with drilling / without drilling beeing mounted?
    For the version with drilling, the drilling of four holes into the truck bed is necessary.
    The variants Premium II & Standard II ("without drilling") a mounting kit is included, which allows for the fixation at standard screw threads.

How far can the truck bed slide be extracted?
    The slide of the double cab model can extracetd up to 70%, which are 910 mm. The club cab model or the extra cab model (as well as other special-cab-models) can be extracted up to 70%, as well. Which equals 1190 mm.

How much is the capacity in the fully extracted state or the completely retracted state?
    The sliding tray has a capacity of up to 250 kg in the extracted and 450 kg in the retracted state.

What are the dimensions of the WORKS sliding tray?
    We are constantly trying to define the dimensions of the sliding tray in the best way possible. Still we are also considering optional additional accessories, e. g. bedliner and similar prodcuts while defining our products. The exact measures can be found in the particular product sheets within the article details.

Are there any fastening possibilites (e.g. eyelets) for tying down the cargo the slide?
    The four integrated eyelets, allow for the flexible and save fixation of your load on the sliding tray. The eyelets are mounted into the aluminium profiles and can be positioned freely. Additional eyelets are also available.


Do I need to get TÜV-approval for front guards, sidebars and other stylingparts?

    Our front guards, skid plates and spoiler protection pipes pass recent european testing standards and will be delivered with an engraved e-certicifation mark. An additional TÜV-inspection isn't necessary.
    Our side bars, side steps, rear bar, rearbumper proections, rear bumps and styling bars will be delivered with a TÜV-certificate, a TÜV-inspection is necessary.

Shipment, Pickup Goods & Installation

How do the shipment, the pickup of products or the installation of product, on site in Langenbach, work?

    Shipmet: Our products will be delivered via parcel service (UPS) or logistics service (Rhenus). Please note, that the shipment of larger products with logistics services is more inconvenient, as with a parcel service. In order to make the delivery as convenient as possible, the options of a telephonic send notification of delivery or a differing delivery adress are available.
    Pickup of products: For the pickup of products we make an appointment with you. Make sure, that your transportation vehicle is large enough. The pickup of covers, hardtops or bedliners with the Pick-up itself isn't possible, except the installation is done on site, in Langenbach.
    Installation: For the installation, on site, at our workshop in Langenbach, we make an appointment as well, for the available products. In order to maintain a smooth process, we ask you to inform us in advance, about any already installed products or other peculiarities of your vehicle. The installation times differs from product to product. Because of sufficient connection to local traffic grid (train, motorways), you have plenty of opportunities to spend the installation time.

General productinformation

Can I get pictures of the products?

    We can provide you with pictures, as JPG-files, for almost all of our products. As a alternative you find a selection of pictures with a high resolution in the download area. Just click at "downloadable pictures".

Where can I find an installation manual?
    Usually we have installation manuals for all of our products. You can find these at the product details for downloading.