Our care and maintenance tips

To ensure a long service life, we recommend that you maintain our products from time to time and take good care of them. On this page, we would like to give you some tips and tricks on how you can best do this or how you can easily and quickly solve existing problems yourself.

Care and maintenance Aeroklas Canopy glass

Our canopies are constructed from proven materials that are chosen for their functionality and their reliability. For this reason, our canopies are fitted with tempered glass windows, which are both stronger and safer than conventional annealed glass windows. However, while tempered glass is stronger than annealed glass, it is not immune to damage or breakages. A key safety feature of tempered glass is the way in which it shatters into many small pieces when it breaks, which occurs to prevent the likelihood of injury from the breakage. This shattering effect can happen immediately after a strong enough impact or, alternatively, can occur much later in what is called delayed breakage.

Events that can lead to a delayed breakage include:
o impact due to items stored inside the canopy
o surface damage caused by stone chips i.e. when towing a caravan, stones coming from the back wheels of the vehicle bounce off the caravan and hit the rear glass
o driving with the door or lift window open causing excessive vibration or the glass hitting against a roof load
o tensions for example by a change in ambient temperature i.e. hot to cold or cold to hot
o loose mounting clamps causing excessive vibration/movement of the canopy allowing is to move forward, exerting excessive pressure on the rear door
o driving over speed bumps or potholes

To assist you with reducing the risk of glass breakages, we recommend the following checks be performed regularly:
o all screws and fasteners holding windows, doors & locks are tight
o lubricate window hinges and lock mechanisms with good quality grease
o inspecting the glass to identify any chips or scratches
o clean gas struts with a damp cloth
o clean your canopy with a clean sponge or soft cloth and car wash detergent
o never use harsh or abrasive cleaning tools

Care and maintenance Sammitr Canopy

How to maintain my Sammitr Hardtop
o wash your vehicle and canopy on a regular basis to remove dirt and grime
o do not use high-pressure washers to near to paint or seals
o check canopy clamps and bolts to ensure they are secure

Care and maintenance Mountain Top Roll

My Mountain Top Roll doesn’t slide properly back and forth
o Lubricate flockinglist in side profiles
o Adjust main spring tension

My Mountain Top Roll is opening while driving
o Check play in rear profile with tailgate open and Roll closed (Must be 1-2mm)
o Readjust Roll on car if necessary

My Mountain Top Roll is difficult to open?
o Pull back on handle and press the button down

The black surface of my Mountain Top product is discolored.
o When cleaning your Mountain Top product, make sure that the PH value of the detergent / water does not exceed 8.5
o If the surface is already discolored, this can in most cases be repaired by applying a polishing product
o Contact your Mountain Top dealer for more information.

Why is the canister of my Mountain Top Roll filled with water?
o Check if the drains are blocked by pulling them out of the bulkhead
o If water doesn’t run freely from the drains, remove lid
o Check if drain outlets are blocked inside the canister

Can I drive my Mountain Top Roll through a car wash?
Due to the chemical composition of the cleaning agents, the use of a car wash to clean the anodised covers is not fully recommended.