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Ford Ranger CANOPY

Steel, ABS or Fiberglass? Discover our big selection of Ford Ranger Canopies

The Ford Ranger has been appearing on European roads since around 1998 and has established itself as the best-selling pickup in Europe. The Ranger is available as a Single-, Extra- or Double- Cab with 4 doors. As the Ford Ranger was designed as a commercial vehicle from the outset, all models were equipped with selectable four-wheel drive even back then.

The XL, XLT, Limited and Wildtrak editions were launched with the T6 series from 2012. This made the Ranger longer, wider and higher overall. With a larger truck bed and an optional 200 hp 3.2-litre engine, Ford has exactly met the demands of customers in Europe. Due to the great popularity of the pickup in Europe, Ford has developed numerous special edition models over the years. These include, for example, the Stormtrak and Wolftrak as well as the limited edition Thunder and Wildtrak X. The latest generation of the Ranger has been available in Germany since the end of 2022 (Ranger Raptor) / beginning of 2023. With a spacious truck bed and all-wheel drive, the new Ranger offers many benefits, both in the Commercial and 4x4 Offroad & Overlanding segments.

A canopy as an add-on accessory offers many advantages. A rigid hard cover canopy  effectively protects your load from rain, snow, dirt and theft. Compared to a flat tonneau cover, a canopy also increases the loading space of your pickup.

A side by side comparison of our Ford Ranger Canopies by Aeroklas, Sammitr and Vindic

Different people have different preferences and requirements - Different just like our Ford Ranger Canopies. As an exclusive distributor of well-known brands, we offer a large selection of canopies made of different materials and in various designs for the Ford Ranger. All our hard top canopies are delivered in a high-quality paint finish in the exact vehicle colour. The paintwork is carried out in accordance with OEM standards. You can select your OEM colour code directly on the product page.

Here you can compare the Ford Ranger canopy functions and properties of the manufacturers Aeroklas, Sammitr and Vindic. This makes it easy to pick the ideal canopy for your requirements. You can order directly online. We ship worldwide.

Ford Ranger Aeroklas Green-Top - The sporty ABS Canopy

The Ford Ranger Canopy by Aeroklas stands out with its sporty look. Thanks to the optimum fit at vehicle roof height, the pickup and canopy appear to be one unit. Gas springs ensure a comfortable opening of the tailgate, which is equipped with a lockable handle. Thanks to the Plug&Play connection to the central locking system, the canopy can also be opened remotely. The automatically activated interior LED light with manual override ensures good visibility in the dark.

Canopy with side pop-out side windows for Ford Ranger from model year 2023 by Aeroklas
Aeroklas canopy with fixed side windows for Ford Ranger 2012-2022 and from 2023

Fitting is quick and easy using the clamping system (no need to drill). This means that the canopy can also be quickly disassembled if required. With the addition of optional roof rails, the ABS hard top canopy can carry a roof load of up to 75 kg. The Aeroklas GreenTop Canopy can be ordered in many different side window variants.

Ford Ranger Aeroklas Green-Top Canopy Specifications

  • High quality color coating
  • ABS synthetic naterial
  • Recyclable
  • Sliding front window
  • Tinted rear and side Windows
  • Additional high mount brake light
  • Interior automatic LED lighting
  • Connection to central locking
  • Manual lock
  • Gas springs
  • Clamp mounting (no drilling)
  • Plug and Play wiring harness
  • Net weight: 60-65kg

Available side window variants: Glass flaps, hinged windows or without side windows. Optional roof rails (75kg load capacity) and spoiler available at additional cost.

Vindic S-Line - The Fiberglass Canopy with XL Flaps for the New Ranger from 2023

The Ford Ranger Canopy Vindic S-Line is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP material has a high elongation at break and high elastic energy absorption. In addition, this material offers excellent corrosion behaviour even in aggressive environments. The S-Line hardtop is particularly suitable for commercial use due to its three large flaps.

Ford Ranger Canopy Vindic S-Line side view
Ford Ranger GFK Canopy Vindic S-Line with side flaps

Available for the Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor from 2023 in various configurations. With optional rear window and optional central locking. Painted in the exact vehicle colour.

Specifications Vindic S-Line hardtop for the Ford Ranger from 2023

  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • High quality color coating
  • Side flaps with maximum loading width
  • Automatic interior LED lighting
  • Additional brake light
  • Optional rear tailgate window
  • Optional connection to the central locking system

Tailgate with or without window
Manual locking or central locking

Sammitr TL1: The World's only Canopy made from Steel

The Sammitr TL1 Canopy combines aesthetics and functionality like no other in its class. The TL1 impresses with its design and boosts the vehicle's looks. Furthermore, the canopy comes with an impressive line up of included features, like central locking connection, rear window heating & many more.

Ford Ranger double cab hard top canopy SMM TL-1 made of steel
Close-up of Tl-1 steel hardtop with electric side windows on a 2019 Ford Ranger

The net weight of the Sammitr TL-1 Canopy, which is pressed from 0.8 mm thick sheet steel, is only 85 to 95 kg (depending on the vehicle and variant). Delivered in the OE vehicle colour coding of your choice.

The Sammitr TL1 Canopy offers a wide range of features:

  • Paintwork in vehicle color with EDP pre-coating
  • Made from solid steel sheet
  • Premounted roof rails (100kg dynamic load)
  • Clamp mounting
  • Vinyl Interior lining
  • Automatic interior LED lighting
  • Connection to central locking
  • Additional high mount brake light
  • Rear window defogger
  • Tinted rear and side windows
  • Additional manual lock
  • Overhanging side walls (increased water resistance
  • Net weight: 85-95kg

Available in the side window variants: Glass flaps or sliding windows.

Ford Ranger Canopy at Ullstein Concepts - Your Benefits

At Ullstein Concepts, we are proud to offer high-quality accessories for your Ford Ranger. Our hardtops are specifically designed for the Ranger and are known for their quality and durability. If you are looking for a reliable hardtop for your Ford Ranger, Ullstein Concepts is the right place for you.

Value retention

The use of a canopy contributes significantly to the value retention of your Ranger. If you keep the truck bed in perfect condition, this will pay off later. In the event of a potential sale, you can score points with a well-maintained vehicle, which has a positive effect on sales negotiations.

More storage space

A hard cover canopy increases the storage space of the Ford Ranger loading area tremendously. In addition, your load remains protected from bad weather at all times. An advantage that is often decisive in commercial use. But an large and protected storage space is also often very useful in private use, e.g. for luggage or sports equipment. To aid loading and unloading with a canopy, a cargo slide is the ideal accessory.

More equipment options

A canopy opens up further attachment options such as roof rails, roof racks or a roof platform. Perfect for transporting a roof tent or sports equipment on your Ranger, for example. LED work lights and additional reversing lights can also be easily fitted to a hardtop.


Your Ford Ranger is unique, and with a hardtop you can emphasise this individuality. Give your Ranger a personal touch and show that you value quality and originality.

Browse through our extensive range of Ford Ranger canopies for the XL, XLT, Limited, Wildtrak & Raptor, model years 2012 / 2016 / 2019 and from 2023. In our online shop you will find cabopies in various designs and materials for single, extra and double cab. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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