Ford Ranger Canopy

At the end, it is a perfect canopy that completes your Ford Ranger to perfection!

As an exclusive dealer of known manufacturers we provide a choice of hard top canopies for the Ford Ranger in various designs and different materials for XL, XLT, Limited, Wildtrak & Raptor, 2012, 1016, and 2019

Ford Ranger double cab canopy Sammitr V2 sliding side window

Design preferences and personal demands vary and are as different as our hard top canopies.

We are available for consultation in order to support you finding the canopy and the ideal accessories for your own personal demands.

The new Ford Ranger 2023 with an Aeroklas Green-Top canopy

Aeroklas Green-Top Canopy- Dealer's first Choice

The sporty look of the latest member of our canopy family, which harmonises perfectly with the vehicle, is an immediate eye catcher.
A second look reveals the stability and the durability proper of this hardtop.
These result from the highly mechanised production of ABS plastic and of the inner and outer shells of the hardtop.
A high precision fit as well as the Plug & Play wire harness prevent unwanted surprises or faults during the easy installation of this hardtop.
Meanwhile, the high quality surface highlights a long service life of this hardtop.

The useful equipment features of the Green-Top will please even the most exigent professionals:

painted in vehicle colour
recyclable basic material
sliding front window
third brake light
interior light with door switch
connection to central locking vehicle's system
manual lock
gas compression springs
easy installation with aluminium clamps
Plug & Play wire harness

available with: tinted pop-out windows or glass side flaps
available on order: roof rack and spoiler

Canopy Aeroklas Green-Top for Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger Sammitr TL-1 Hard-Top Canopy made of Steel

The TL-1 hard-top canopy is the latest Sammitr hardtop canopy and matches the distinctive design of the Ford Ranger perfectly. Like the Ford Ranger itself, the hardtop is made of sheet steel and is therefore hard to beat in terms of both strength and durability. In addition, the TL-1 comes with outstanding features:

Hardtop made of powder-coated sheet steel
Colour coating in OEM vehicle color
Connection to the vehicle central locking system
Recyclable base material
Rear window heating & manual lock
Roof rails with 100 kg allowance
Hidden bracket fastening
Tainted side sliding windows

Canopy Ford Ranger double cab Sammitr TL1 sliding side window Canopy Ford Ranger double cab TL1 Ford Ranger Canopy double cab TL1 black Steel Canopy Ford Ranger double cab Sammitr TL1

As with all our hardtops, the high quality colour coating in the original vehicle colour is already included in the price. The overlaps, special tailgate design and twin tubular rubber inserts provide a significantly improved watertightness compared to conventional truck bed covers and canopies. The tailgate's gas pressure springs are located horizontally in the roof area and thus do not interfere with the loading process. Quick and easy mounting with four hidden brackets, no drilling required. The Sammitr TL1 steel canopy combines state-of-the-art technology, top features, high quality production and contemporary design.


Canopy Sammitr V2 - made of steel with sliding side windows or with side glass doors

Our Sammitr V2 offers surprisingly much space alongside it´s elegant design. The loading height is more than one meter. This hard top canopy is also made of steel and is therefore very robust. It has features similar to the Sammitr V4. The V2 offers the following standard equipment:

connection to the central locking vehicle's system
heated rear window 
internal locking
roof rails with 100kg maximum payload
automated internal lights
third brake light
interior linining out of vinyl

side windows optional with slidable side window or with birdwings door.

Ford Ranger double cab canopy Sammitr V2 sliding side window Canopy Ford Ranger double cab Sammitr V2 sliding side window Ford Ranger double cab Canopy Sammitr V2 sliding side window

We recommend the glass side doors version in combination with the corresponding interior installations like an additional cargo bed protection.
The installation of the V2 requires 4 hidden aluminum clamps.

The all new Ford Ranger 2023

Available now: The new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023! After years of fierce competition on the European pickup market between the manufacturers Volkswagen and Ford, the new Ranger and Amarok are now being launched as a joint project. Both vehicles share the same platform and engine technology. The Ranger is already available in Asia and Australia, and the first Amaroks have also been spotted in Australia. Our hardtop manufacturers can take advantage of this head start in their development.

The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – pic 1 The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – Pic 2 The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – Pic 3 The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – Pic 4 The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – Pic 5 The all new Ford Ranger 2022 / 2023 with canopy – Pic 6