Ford Ranger Seilwinde 12V


With our Ford Ranger winches and fitting accessories, you are well prepared for any possible situation that might occur while you are on or off the road. The TJM Torq winches are constantly ready for action and powerful, not matter if you are just touring through the county or if you use the winches for your commercial operations.

Ford Ranger winch
Winch 12V Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Winch Kit System for 12V Winch

The winch will be optimally combined with our MaiStone winchsystem. Their winch-attachment has been, following the EC directive 2005/66/EC, tested positive in the pedestrian protection test. In addition to the winches, we offer you recovery-kits, different straps and even compressor-set as well as tire-repair kits.

Our Ford Ranger bull bar with winch attachment kit is KTL- coated for optimum corrosion protection and then powder-coated black, or mirror polished depending on the model. The Ford Ranger PDC (Park Distance Control) or ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) functions are accounted for and will keep working.

TJM Winch 12V Ford Ranger
TJM Torq Winch 12V Ford Ranger

TJM TORQ Seilwinden

We offer winches from TJM 4x4 Equipped to match the Ford Ranger winch attachment kit. By default, the electric 12V winch is controlled by the supplied cable remote control. The disadvantage of the remote control is the limited range. This problem is solved with the supplied radio remote control. The compact radio remote control is easy to store and has a range of up to 50 metres.

An electric 12V winch for the Ford Ranger has many applications. Not only off-road vehicles benefit from a self-recovering winch. Alternatively, the 12V winch can also be mounted on the loading area or the roof and help with loading, e.g. agriculture, forestry, hunting, fire brigade and THW. Heavy objects such as trees, game or quads can be easily pulled onto the loading area with a cable winch.

TJM Torq Winch 12V Ford

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TJM 12V Seilwinde Offroad Ford Ranger