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Cover for your Fiat Fullback Cross

Cover Fiat Fullback Cross

Continue to the tonneau cover for the Fiat Fullback with standard roll bar

The Mountain Top Roll is available for the Fiat Fullback Cross

The well-known Mountain Top Roll Cover can be combined with, the new Fiat Fullback Cross. This version of the Italian Pickup is even more off-road focused.
This Roll cover, is one of the best sellers due to its durability and idue to the high quality of its components.
At Ullstein Concepts, we developed a kit with which it can be successfully installed on the Fiat Fullback Cross.

In order to provide you the best possible fit with you Pickup, we recommend to replace the standard overrail-bedliner with an underrail-bedliner.

Cover Fiat Fullback Cross Cover Fiat Fullback Cross