The story begins in a small office in Berghem, Sweden. The year is 2002 and the stakes are high for Jon Strand. His private residence is newly purchased, the children are young. All his savings are invested in the company he just founded, Strands fordonskomponenter AB, to change a conservative industry. Do it different, do it better!

LED auxiliary driving lights

Strands - LED Light-Bar Siberia E-approved

Siberia Driving light LED light bar

SIBERIA is a durable LED spotlight from STRANDS in a striking design. The LED light bar also features a position light that glows in white or orange depending on the setting. The Siberia light bars have a road approval as driving lamps according to ECE R112 and an additional test for electromagnetic compatibility according to ECE R10.

The Siberia driving lamps are available in different sizes from 12 to 50 inches, as well as in the LED variations single and double row.


Strands | Side Shooter | E-approved

LED Lighting Side Shooter

The Strands Side Shooter is a powerful LED auxiliary headlight with ECE 112 approval as a High Beam LED Spotlight.

Due to its small dimensions, the Side Shooter is very versatile and always ensures an optimal light image. The small cube reaches an impresive 221 meters at 1 lux.

The name Side Shooter stems from the three lateral diodes that direct the light with a beam angle of up to 140 degrees to the side.

Side Shooter

Strands | DARK KNIGHT INSANE | E-approved

LED Light-Bar Strands Dark Knight Insane

The Strands Dark Knight Insane is an oval LED spotlight with E-mark ECE R7 R112 and thus a road approval as a high beam.

The position light can be set as desired in orange or white or alternatively be switched off. The Dark Knight Insane LED auxiliary headlight is equipped with 8 LEDs these perform very impressive 12000 lumens.

The Strands Dark Night Insane spotlight is perfect for any type of vehicle because it can be operated with both 12V and 24V.


Strands | Firefly | E-approved

LED Strands Firefly

With 12,076 lumens, the Firefly Professional LED spotlights provide ideal road illumination at a range of over 500 metres.
The innovative duo position light creates a weightless, floating halo effect.


Firefly white Firefly black

Strands | Skylord | E-approved

LED Strands Firefly

The Siberia Skylord LED spotlight can switch between two different modes at the touch of a button. The E-tested mode with road approval and E-mark ECE R148, R149 allows legally compliant operation on public roads. Off the road, you can quickly and easily switch to experience mode and increase the light output from 1565 to 8860 effective (measured) lumens.

Skylord black Skylord white

Strands | DARK KNIGHT NUUK 14" | E-approved

LED Light-Bar Strands Dark Knight Nuuk 14"

The Dark Knight NUUK is a LED spotlight of the latest generation, specially designed for electric vehicles. The dark look provides a discreet and unobtrusive appearance.

Dark Knight Nuuk is available in three different sizes, 14, 20 and 30 inches. All models have an E-mark according to ECE R7, R112, and thus have a road approval as a driving lamp.

The Dark Knight Nuuk LED lightbar is 100% carbon neutral as for every item sold, a tree is planted by Strands Lighting Division equivalent to 50 kg of CO2.


Strands | Nuuk E-Line DUO | E-approved

LED Light-Bar Strands Nuuk E-Line Duo

The new Nuuk E-line Duo is the perfect auxiliary driving lamp for European roads. As the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) always require high beam headlamps to be fitted in pairs and symmetrically, the E-Line Duo has two LED light bars integrated into the licence plate holder. In addition, the E-Line comes with an ECE R149 E-mark and is therefore approved as a driving lamp. The low ref. number (2x20) also allows it to be used as an auxiliary high beam headlight without having to switch off the factory high beam headlights.

The powerful Nuuk E-line Duo provides a light range of over 400 metres. With 8793 measured lumens and a light temperature of 5000 Kelvin, the Lightbar ensures balanced illumination. The long range enables obstacles and wild animals to be recognised at an early stage.

The Nuuk E-Line Lightbar is already integrated into the licence plate holder. The slightly curved profile and adjustable screws allow easy installation on most vehicles with an EU standard licence plate (520x110cm).

Nuuk E-Line DUO Nuuk E-Line DUO

Strands | DARK KNIGHT INTENSE 9" | E-approved

LED Light-Bar Strands Dark Intense 9 Inch

The powerful Dark Knight Intense 9-inch high-beam headlight ensures a safe ride on motorways, country roads and forest tracks.

The design as well as the extraordinary position light emphasise what Strands Lighting Division wanted to achieve with the Dark Knight product range: a cool, new look.

The super slim design, only 7cm depth, makes the headlight blend with your vehicle. The optimised light pattern generates an illumination of up to 445m with 11000 actual lumens.


Strands | DARK KNIGHT HARDCORE | LED Work Lights

LED Light-Bar Strands Dark Knight Hardcore

Dark Knight Hardcore - Designed for extreme conditions. No stray light, no shadows!

The Dark Knight Hardcore LED worklight is designed to provide reliable and powerful illumination in demanding and challenging environments. With numerous protection and safety measures, the floodlight is highly durable and robust. The CISPR25 Class 3 certification also ensures that excellent EMC protection is guaranteed.

The compact size means that the DK Hardcore can be used almost anywhere. From heavy construction machinery, trucks and forestry machines to excavators and light commercial vehicles.


Strands | SIBERIA RED FOX | LED Work Lights

LED Arbeitsscheinwerfer Siberia Red Fox

The Red Fox worklight delivers a light output of 8400/3583 lumens with 41 watts and 32 LEDs.

Using Combo Beam reflector technology, the cube produces a wide beam pattern with a beam angle of 160° and comes with a powerful strobe light and the typical Siberia duo position light.

The application possibilities are endless due to the compact design, as well as the operation in either 12V or 24V. Also ideal for quad bikes, ATVs, UTVs, trucks, camper vans or for upgrading agricultural machinery.


STRANDS | Siberia Outlaw UDX | LED Work Light and Spotlight

LED Light-Bar Outlaw UDX LED worklights and spotlights

The Siberia Outlaw UDX 22" is a double row LED lightbar that pushes boundaries!

The UDX edition of the popular Strands Outlaw worklight allows you to switch between two modes, the Xperience- worklight mode and the E- mode with ECE R112 approval as a high beam.

In Xperience mode, the Outlaw UDX 22" achieves a tremendous illumination of 22900 measured lumens at 215W. The E-approved mode delivers a high beam optimized for road conditions with 10889 measured lumens at 102W and 5000K color temperature.

Outlaw UDX Outlaw UDX 22"

STRANDS | Siberia Outlaw | LED Work Light

LED Light-Bar Outlaw work lights

The Siberia Outlaw LED worklight is the world's most powerful LED lightbar with 1 lux at 1220m (22") / 1466m (32")

Siberia Outlaw is a double row LED bar in typical Siberia design with the typical duo position light.

LED work light. Available in 22 and 32 Inches.

Outlaw 22" Outlaw 32"

Strands | Siberia NIGHT RANGER | E-approved

Siberia Driving light Night Ranger LED lights offroad

The Siberia NIGHT RANGER LEDs are round off-road high beam spotlights with approval as driving lamps. In addition, the auxiliary driving lights have a position light that shines either in white or orange.

Available in the sizes 7" and 9".


STRANDS | Siberia Mulitiple Options | LED Reversing Light

LED Light-Bar Siberia Mulitiple Options LED Reversing Light

The Siberia Mo Multiple Options, is a LED reversing light which combines a 4 in 1 solution and extremely flexible mounting. Reversing light, indicator, brake light and red position light, which is approved as a rear light, all with E-approval!

The LED Reversing Light can be mounted with the frames and rubber seals or with the angle bracket on the rear of the light. Both options are inludede in the delivery. The angle bracket can be adjusted by 180 degrees and thus guarantees mounting at the angle that suits your vehicle. The 2.5 metre cable is also suitable for larger vehicles.

Reversing light with 546 lumens, indicator, red position light approved as a tail light and brake light in a handy compact design.

Siberia Tail Light 12"

STRANDS | Siberia Tail Light 12" | LED Reversing Light

LED Light-Bar Siberia Tail Light 12" LED Reversing Light

The Siberia Tail Light, is a unique product: A tail light in the form of a LED light bar with four functions, all with E-approval! Reversing light, turn signal, brake light and red position light approved as a tail light.

Included are side and rear brackets specifically designed for mounting LED lightbars and a 2.5 m cable. Perfect for mounting on the rear bumper of the vehicle or on the roof of the cab.

1900 lumen reverse light, turn signal, red position light approved taillight and brake light in a deep, dark red look that will get you noticed both day and night.

Siberia Tail Light 12" Siberia Tail Light 12" DR

Strands | RV Right View Light-Bar | Work Light

Strands | Siberia RV Right View | LED Work Light

The next generation all-rounder Siberia RV delivers maximum performance and numerous application options thanks to its compact design.

Whether as an off-road reversing spotlight, quad headlight on the handlebar or for load compartment illumination, the worklight finds its place everywhere due to its compact dimensions.


Strands | RED TIGER Light-Bar | Work Light

Strands | RED TIGER Light-Bar | LED Work Light

RED TIGER Light-Bars are small worklights with a red or orange glowing positionlight LED strip.

At only 31cm long, 7.6cm high and 7.2cm deep, the compact Light-Bars are ideal for areas that are actually too small for worklights. 1 Lux at 275m.


Strands | Siberia Next Level | Work Light

Strands Unity LED Work Light

The Siberia Next Level worklight with a sensationally powerful light output of 9200 measured lumens represents the next level of worklights.

Suitable for all vehicles that need worklights - trucks, tractors, trailers, forklifts, emergency vehicles, construction or agricultural machinery.

Next Level 6" UNITY 64W Next Level 38"

Strands | QUBE | LED Work Light

Strands | Qube Small LED Work Light

Qube - The compact worklight with 4800 lumen output and position light.

Designed for vehicles that require a wide light distribution, such as off-road driving in difficult terrain, on quads or other small vehicles where there is no room for larger lamps. Also fits perfectly as a addition to driving lamps and LED bars on larger vehicles.

Also available as Red Panda Edition with red postion light.


Strands | NIGHT GUARD 3in1 LED Driving Lights | E-Approved

Strands Night Guard LED Light Bar

The SIBERIA NIGHT GUARD light-bar is a 3in1 multifunctional LED auxiliary headlamp with a combination of high beam spotlight, position light and warning light.

The position light in the middle section of the light bar shines in orange or white colour as preferred. The LEDs in yellow light colour, positioned in the upper part of the light bar, serve as a powerful warning light.

With E-approval. Available in the following sizes: 12", 22", 32", 38".


Strands | DARK KNIGHT | LED Reversing Light

Strands Night Guard LED Light Bar

Complete the Dark Knight look with the super slim Dark Night reversing light with a dark tinted lens.

The Dark Knight reversing light provides better visibility when backing up and gives other road users early warning of maneuvers.

The horizontal and vertical mounting options, sleek design and multi-volt technology make the reverse light perfect for vehicles such as ATVs, trailers, trucks and construction equipment. Mounts via click-on frame and non-visible screws for a clean look

Dark Knight Reversing Light

Strands | SIBERIA Light-Bars | Curved Edition

The popular Siberia Light Bars in the Curved Edition, with position light in white or orange. To be used as a work light. The 22 inch size is also available with E-mark R112 and approval as a driving lamp.

Available in various sizes from 22" to 50", as single or double row LED light bar.

LED Light-Bar XL 100 Watt Headlights

Strands | NUUK BLACK | E-Approved

The all-black Nuuk Black driving lamp with dark-smoked lens and black housing combines timeless elegance with high-tech reflector technology.

Available in 14" with E-mark ECE R112

LED Light-Bar XL 100 Watt Headlights

Strands | PRESIDENT | E-Approved

The President is a robust and powerful LED work light with red position light.

With a length and height of 10.9cm and a depth of 4.9cm, the President also fits perfectly in areas with limited space.

LED Light-Bar XL 100 Watt Headlights

Strands | DARK KNIGHT IDENTITY | E-Approved

The Dark Knight Identity is a slim high beam headlamp with 9800 measured lumens and ECE R112 approval for road traffic.

With a depth of only 5.5 cm and a height of 5.8 cm, 7.5 cm with bracket, the compact design and the dark lens offer many mounting options, e.g. on the front grill of the vehicle.

Dark Knight Identity Driving light LED Headlights
Dark Knight Identity 20"

Strands | SkyLord | with E-Mark

Strands | Skylord Small LED Light

The Siberia Skylord high-beam spotlight has reinforced protection to withstand vibrations and shocks. In addition, the Skylord headlamp offers very high electromagnetic compatibility rating with CISPR25 class 3.

The headlight comes with an E-approved high beam mode and an additional Xperience (worklight) mode, with a visibility range of 768 metres.

SIBERIA Skylord black SIBERIA Skylord white

Strands | CRUISE LIGHT Wireless Controller

Strands Cruise Light Wireless Controller

Conveniently control your vehicle lighting with just one touch of a button with the wireless Cruise Light LED Controller.

The relay box with provides six different output channels with a total of 700W:2x 150W (15A) are for the Cruise Light Lightbars and 4x 100W (10A) are for any type of vehicle lighting.

The illuminated buttons control the Cruise Light Roof Bar functions, such as changing patterns or turning the lightbars on and off. Buttons for day mode, night mode, and "cruise light" mode are also provided. With the built-in memory function, your configurations will not be lost even if you reboot.


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