Bedliner under- or overrail for pickups

Are you looking for a bedliner for your pickup?
You can find high-quality bedliners made of break-proof, flexible ABS plastics in our webshop.
Because of the properties of the ABS plastics, it is perfectly suited for the truck bed protection.
The bedliner has an error-proof computer design, to fit perfectly to your truck bed.

The well concepted design of the bedliner includes buffer-notches and buffer-points between the bedliner and the truck bed. With those buffers impacts are being optimially absorbed, that results in high levels of break proofness.
Therefore the pickup chassis and body are protected. Unlike the standard truck bed coating, a bedliner can be, if necessary, dismounted again.
The bedliner includes trunk lid parts and installation material and it is not necessary to drill. Therefore and can be unmounted again and concludingly in comparison with a truck-bed coating it is not a permament solution.

A bed Liner is probably be the best investment for your pickup truck and is one of the most common pickup truck accessories, as it is an inexpensive way to protect the truck bed from damage like scratches or dents.

A pickup truck bed protection from Ullstein Concepts offers the following benefits:
✓ Protects the bed from rust and weather damage.
✓ Keeps your cargo from sliding around and becoming damaged.
✓ Liners act as a shock absorber to reduce damage from vibration.
✓ A Bed liner extends the lifetime and resale value of your truck.

Bedliner vs. truck bed coating

There are different opinions regardin truck bed coatings and bedliners and which the best solution for the Pickup is. The are different theories on the kind of protection that a coating spray guarantees instead of the one provided from a bedliner. Here, we try to sum those up.

A coating is a good solution in several situations. It prevents scratches and protects effeticly against corrosion.
But a coating offers just a limited protection, especially when you are daily loading your truckbed.
The coating protects the truckbed but do not absorb the enrgy deriving from the impact with a load, especially when it is heavy.
In the longterm, this energy is reflected directly on the truck body and chassis and multiple impacts damages and scratched out the coating as well.

A bedliner, on the other hand, is developed to leave buffers between the pickup body and bedliner. Moreover, the ABS plastic is a robust material with elastic properties, making it breaking-proof. Those two characteristics combined, make a bedliner able to absord the energy deriving from heavy loads moving in your truckbed.

The bedliner protects primarly against damages and indirectly against corrosion as well. The side effects on the car body, caused by the humidity, are reduced as well.
Nonetheless we recommend you to wax the inner edge, especially in the front end, before the assembly of the bedliner, in order to protect your Pickup in the long term.
A professional wax adds an extra protection besides the one provided by the paint from the manufacturer.

To sum up, a truck bed with a properly mounted bedliner offers a good protetction against corrosion and damages.