SUP roof rack lowerable on Volkswagen Amarok for pickups and high vehicles

SUP RACK - Hinged SUP roof rack for left or right roof side

Transport SUP boards up to 14" x 28" on the car roof

Product number: 224601000


The lowerable SUP Rack is a revolutionary, convenient, super-quick and safe way to carry SUP boards on vehicles with a high roof.

Have you ever had difficulty loading your SUP Board on the roof rack of your Van, Pickup or SUV? The SUP Rack roof rack system meets this challenge by allowing you to load your paddleboard at shoulder height.

The SUP Rack accommodates one paddleboard from 14 inches to 28 inches. An Extension Bracket is available as an optional add-on item for transporting a second board. In total up to 4 boards can be transported with one SUP Rack incl. extension add-on, on each side of the vehicle roof.

The low weight aluminium construction is durable and corrosion resistant. Rubber cushioned horizontal and vertical supports retain your board soft but also firm and secure, so there is no movement while driving.

Gas springs reduce the weight of the board by up to 18 kg when lifting and lowering the SUP Rack. If the SUP Rack is not in use, it can be disassembled easily by removing only one locking bolt, leaving only the mounting plate of the cross bars.


Please note: The SUP Rack requires preinstalled crossbars to be mounted on the vehicle. All types and brands of crossbars are compatible, as well as the AluBar™ crossbars by Prime Design™ you can find in our online-shop.


Illustration shows the SUP RACK Basic Module with the Extension-Kit for transporting 2 SUP boards per rack.

SUP Rack PDF Flyer





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