With tonneau covers you can not only secure your cargo neatly and easily, but also protect it from all weather conditions and from access by unauthorised persons. Another advantage of this cover is a fuel saving of up to 12 percent. At Ullstein Concepts you will find the right cargo area cover for your L200!

Tonneau Covers by Mountain Top for Mitsubishi L200

Mountain Top is a well-known manufacturer of aluminium covers. Known for its high quality and continuously developed products, Mountain Top Covers are indispensable in today's market.

The Ullstein Concepts team is a official sales and service partner for Mountain-Top Europe.

Tonneau Cover Mountain Top Style Heavy Duty+

One of the latest developments, resulting from the Mountain Top Style, is the HEAVY DUTY+. Due to several reinforcements and a all-round railing, this cover can take an enormous load capacity of 150 kg over a wide area. Despite this high load capacity and robustness, this cover also convinces with its light weight of approx. 26 kg.

The lightness and an additional quick disassembly system allow for quick disassembly or assembly without any screwing work. A fastening groove on the outer frame of the cover allows the optional installation of additional cross beams. For the initial assembly of this cover, only a time of approx. 60 minutes needs to be taken into account.

150kg load capacity
26kg to 29kg net weight
Allround railing
Quick disassembly system
Aluminium lightweight construction
Assembly does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Mitsubishi L200 tonneau cover heavy duty plus

Alu-Cover Mountain Top Style

The Mountain Top Style combines flexibility through lightness and stability through a high load capacity of 75 kg (via crossbars). Due to the low dead weight of approx. 25 kg, the cover can be easily removed and reinstalled with the quick disassembly system. To do so, simply unhook the dampers and place the cover vertically to remove the cover from the hinge.

The Mountain Top Style also has a mounting groove in the outer frame which allows to mount optional cross bars for higher load capacity. The first assembly is of course without drilling and takes about 60 minutes.

75kg load capacity
20kg - 25kg net weight
Quick and easy disassembling and assembling
Aluminium lightweight construction
Mounting does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Mitsubishi L200 tonneau cover Mountain-Top Style

Rollcover Mountain Top Roll

More functionality: Optional accessories (crossbar or roll bar) can be easily mounted in the guide rails with C-slot of the roller blind.

High durability: Reinforced roller blind slats as well as guide rails provide more stability and robustness of the Mountain Top Roll. High-quality lock components increase security and durability.

Improved mountability: The well-known time-consuming adjustment work does not occur with this product. With this cover, only two holes are required for the front water drain hoses. The rest of the installation of the blind to your Mitsubishi L200 is exclusively done by fixing it with clamps.

Adjustable roller blind pretension: Adjustable pull-in speed of the roller blind by means of an adjusting screw on the roller blind box.

Improved design: Whether in the all black version or the silver version with black rounded side rails, the Mountain Top Roll completes the overall appearance of your L200.

75kg load capacity via cross bar
Multiple snap-in positions
Adjustable closing and opening speed
Aluminium lightweight construction
Easy mounting with aluminium clips
In silver or black
Cross bars optionally available

Mitsubishi L200 tonneau cover Mountain-Top Roll

Mountain Top Roll EVO - The Latest Generation of Mitsubishi L200 Rollcovers

The sleek design of Mountain-Top's latest load compartment cover fits perfectly with the lines of the Mitsubishi L200. The new Infinity design eliminates distracting elements such as the back edge or outer handle and adds functionality and quality. In terms of quality, the EVO rollcover for pickups is made from high-quality aluminium and a UV-resistant powder coating in OE quality.

The 6-point water management system, on the side rails, the canister and the rear profile with a capacity of 40 litres per minute makes the EVO the most weatherproof roll-up cover for the Mitsubishi L200 on the market.

Mountain-Top`s newest tonneau cover for the Mitsubishi L200 is available with electric belt drive (EVOe), and as a manual version (EVOm).

Mountain Top Roll EVOm

✓ Knife-Proof - interlocking aluminium slats
✓  No External Handle or Keylock
✓ 6-Point Water Management System 40 l/min capacity
✓  ClickTech - click and pull to remove the corner caps
✓ Built-in Accessory Tracks in the side rails

Mountain Top EVOm

Mountain Top Roll EVOe

The EVOe Rollcover with an electric belt drive comes with these additional features:

✓ Belt-Drive - 2-speeds, smooth operation and soft-close mechanism
✓ Automatic LED Light - gradually brightens while opening and switches off when closing
✓ Emergency Stop & Reverse - when meeting resistance the cover will stop and reverse automatically
✓ Remote Control - the key fob lets you open and close the roll cover remotely
✓ Auto Calibration – just press and hold for accurate start and stop positions

Mountain-Top EVOe
More information about the manufacturer: Mountain Top Industries

Mitsubishi L200 Mountain-Top Roll

Roll- and Cross- Bars are optional