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A tonneau cover transforms your cargo area into a trunk and offer protection against dirt, rain and theft. A nice side effect is an additional fuel consumption saving of up to 12 percent. Whether XL, XLT, Limited, Wildtrak or Raptor, double or single cab, at Ullstein Concepts you will find the perfect tonneau cover for your Ford Ranger!

Tonneau Covers by Mountain Top for Ford Ranger

Mountain Top Industries (or formerly Bjerg Cab) has been a synonym for high quality aluminium pickup tonneau covers for decades. With high quality and usability, Mountain Top products have established their reputation in the market and have become well established worldwide.

As an official distribution partner for Mountain-Top, Ullstein Concepts is responsible for the distribution and service for Mountain-Top products in Europe.

Tonneau Cover Mountain Top Style Heavy Duty+

The renowned Mountain Top in the latest version: Heavy Duty Plus with all-round railing, offers a load capacity of 150kg with a net weight of only approx. 26kg thanks to its modern lightweight construction.

Just like the basic STYLE version, the Heavy Duty+ model has a sophisticated quick dismantling system. This enables assembly and disassembly without any screw work. The mounting groove on the outer frame allows easy installation of the optional cross bars. The initial assembly takes approx. 60 minutes and does not require drilling.

150kg load capacity
26kg to 29kg net weight
Allround railing
Quick disassembly system
Aluminium lightweight construction
Assembly does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Ford Ranger tonneau cover heavy duty plus

Alu-Cover Mountain Top Style

With only 25 kg dead weight this cover is a real featherweight despite the high loading capacity of 75kg (on crossbars). This Ford Ranger tonneau cover features a very fast disassembly and assembly mechanism. After unhooking the shock absorbers and placing the tonneau cover in the vertical position, it can be removed directly from the hinge.

The latest version of the Mountain Top now has a fixing groove in the outer frame and allows the mounting of optional cross beams. The initial assembly takes about 60 minutes and doesn’t require drilling.

75kg load capacity
20kg - 25kg net weight
Quick and easy disassembling and assembling
Aluminium lightweight construction
Mounting does not require drilling
Gas springs
Cross bars optionally available

Ford Ranger tonneau cover Mountain-Top Style

Rollcover Mountain Top Roll

Increased functionality: The C-slot groove in the guide rails makes it easy to fit additional accessorieslike cross- or roll bars.

Improved stability and durability: The roller blinds' reinforced aluminium walls and guide rails provide increased stability and durability. Additionally, the lock components have been reinforced as well.

Easy-to-install: The time-consuming adjustment work is no longer necessary with the new version of the roll cover. Only the 2 front water drainage hoses need to be drilled. The remaining assembly is carried out with clamps only.

Adjustable roller blind pretension: The new model allows the adjustment of the roller blind pretension by means of an adjusting screw on the roller blind box. This allows to accelerate or decelerate the pull-in speed of the roller blind.

Modern design: The black, rounded side rails and high-quality aluminium looks great on the Ford Ranger.

75kg load capacity via cross bars
Multiple snap-in positions
Adjustable closing and opening speed
Aluminium lightweight construction
Easy mounting with aluminium clips
In silver or black
Cross bars optionally available

Ford Ranger tonneau cover Mountain-Top Roll

Mountain-Top Roll Installation

for Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Mountain-Top Style HD Plus

Roll- and Cross- Bars are optional