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The Covid-19 situation is very dynamic and we are still very mindful of everyone's health. Therefore, we have moved 80% of our workspace to home office and thus only work in shifts in the local office. This ensures our internal operations are maintained and we can continue to do everything we can to counteract the effects caused by the pandemic. Please note that due to the lockdown, we have to close our showroom until further notice and no more sales will take place on site, only online. However, all workshop appointments will continue as planned and can be arranged by making an appointment.

Roof racks AluRack and AluBar for Volkswagen T6 Transporter, Caravelle & Multivan

AluRack and AluBars - strong roof racks for the Volkswagen T6

Roof rack and roof bar for Ford Transit Connect

The profssional roof rack's ALURACK and roof bar's ALUBAR are the perfect companion for the Volkswagen T6. The wide range of accessories and the unlimited expandability allow to adapt those modules for every business.
With this easy and practical loading solution, you can fully enjoy a trip, like going to the beach with your family or reaching the daily business like going to the construction site with your co-workers.

Alu Rack - transform your Volkswagen T6 to a perfect all-rounder

The AluRack is a real working tool for your Volkswagen T6.
The Rear roller, cargo tubes, loading stops, a ladder clamp and a Walking platform are just a few examples of the wide range of accessories with which you can customise AluRack for the exact requirements of the job.
The aerodynamic design reduce wind noises while driving.

In the detail, the roof rack AluRack has the following features:

✓ loading capacity 150kg
✓ low self-weight
✓ aerodynamic design
✓ anodised aluminium
✓ vehicle specific roof installation
✓ no drilling necessary
✓ wide range of optional accessoires

Alu Bar - strong aluminium cross bar's - optionally customizable

The roof bar's AluBar will be fastened by a Alu-C-Channel-System.
Furthermore the height of the syste's feet is adjustable. This allows an individual extension with additional cross bars and additional accessories.

In detail our roof racks AluBars have the following characteristics:

✓ anodised aluminium
✓ vehicle specific installation
✓ installation without drilling
✓ flexible positioning
✓ wide range of optional accessoires
✓ with serial corner protectors