Whether cable winches or cable winch attachments, headlights, bull bars, underride protection, off-road chassis, roof tents, snorkels, we have the right product in every aspect to turn your Isuzu D-Max offroad ready.

Off Road Accessories for the D-Max powerd by TJM

TJM 4x4 Equipped is one of the largest manufacturers of offroad accessories. Since the company was founded in 1973, the products are tested every day in the harsh conditions in Australia. The TJM products convince both in appearance and with their high and long-lasting quality.

D-Max Suspension Kit Configurator

TJM is very well known for its suspension kits.
They not only provide improved road holding and damping on uneven surfaces, but also compensate for the handling of a heavily loaded vehicle. As a result, good handling characteristics are maintained, e.g. when towing a trailer.

With our Suspension Kit Configurator you can combine different components individually and adapt them to your requirements.
The suspension components are delivered with a parts certificate, which guarantees a quick and uncomplicated registration with the TÜV.

TJM-Suspension Kit Isuzu D-Max Off Road Accessories

TJM Demo: Suspension-Kit

D-Max Winches & Accessories

With our cable winches and attachment kits for the Isuzu D-Max you are prepared for every situation. The robust TJM Torq winches are waterproof and equipped with a wireless remote control and synthetic rope. The powerful electrical winches are used in commercial applications as well as on off-road tours. Additional recovery sets or belts can be used via the large safety hook. We also offer compressor sets and a tyre repair kit

Isuzu D-Max Off Road Winches & Accessories

TJM Demo: Winches

D-Max Roof Tent by TJM

TJM roof tents, awnings and roof sunblinds complement the travel flexibility of your Isuzu D-Max. You can explore the wilderness of faraway lands and make yourself comfortable during the day and at night. With TJM camping products, you are protected from sund, wind and rain by waterproof tents/awnings

Isuzu D-Max Roof Tents & Accessories

TJM Demo: Yulara Roof Tent and Roof Top Awning

Isuzu D-Max Airtec Snorkel by TJM

An off road snorkel can be used for deep water passages. However, a snorkel has many more advantages. Because the air intake is placed at the top of the roof less dust and dirt gets into the interior and the engine compartment. This extends the life of the air filter considerably. A TJM snorkel can also lead to a higher fuel efficiency. The Airtec snorkel was developed for the Isuzu D-Max and therefore adapts perfectly to the vehicles' shape.

Isuzu D-Max Airtec Snorkel TJM

TJM Demo: Airtec Snorkel

Strands Off Road LED Lightning

We at Ullstein Concepts offer an extensive range of additional headlights in different versions for the Isuzu D-Max, e.g. Extra-Slim Light-Bars, XL Light-Bars. Also available are driving lamps with E-approval marks as well as work and position lights

Strands LED Light Bar Nuuk Duo Isuzu D-Max Accessories

Strands Demo: Nuuk