Cargo securing for your commercial vehicle

Cargo securing nice and easy!

Accessories Mercedes X-Class

The cargo securing of a commercial vehicle is subject to various regulations of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). The Ullstein Concepts GmbH offers you various options to secure your cargo according to the StVZO regulations for both commercial and private use. Different DIN-tested tension straps can be used in this way which are used at the corresponding lashing points. On the other hand various system rails with matching lashing eyes can be installed to facilitate your regular load securing. For a long-term solution, quick fasteners made of solid rubber can be used, which also allows your load to be secured in a vertical position. All securing elements complement one another and can be used in conjunction, allowing for a broad range of use for all types of vehicles. All our products are certified to meet the highest quality standards and are designed for maximum safety and durability.

Lashing straps

Various tension straps help you to secure your load safely, quickly and in accordance to the StvZO. Ring straps are adjustable one-piece belts that can be used to secure the load without the need for special aids or securing elements such as lashing eyes for example. Lashing straps on the other hand are particularly useful for securing the payload on securing elements such as system rails with lashing rings. The tension strap may have a clamp or ratchet with a corrosion-inhibiting surface. The clamp lock allows fast securing of lighter goods. The ratchet lock is used to increase the tension of the safety belt.

System rails and lashing eyes

System rails and matching lashing eyes are particularly useful for swift securing of payloads like crates, pallets, etc. The best-known system rail is probably the flat rail which is usually fitted to vehicle walls but can also be recessed into the floor like the recessed system rail. The rounded rail is ideal for driving on the loading area with a lift truck etc. (even without recessed rails) and can easily be screwed to the vehicle floor without the need for drilling or milling.

QuickFist® Quick-release fasteners

Quick fasteners are made of UV-resistant solid rubber and secure anything from tools to sports equipment in a safe and secure manner and can easily be removed when not in use. Furthermore, quick fasteners can be used in a variety of applications as garages, garden houses and many more.