Snorkel - TJM

Snorkels by TJM for your Fiat Fullback.
Snorkel TJM Airtec Standard air inlet with TÜV approval

Fiat Fullback

Nr.: TSF011SAT0150Q
Snorkel TJM Airtec Wedgetail air inlet with TÜV approval

Fiat Fullback

Nr.: TSF011SATW0150Q

The Fiat Fullback AirTec Snorkel with TÜV-Certificate

The TJM AirTec snorkel is Australian off-road technology, made road legal for Europe with the TÜV Approval Certificate exclusive to Ullstein Concepts.

The main purpose of the snorkel is to shift the location where the fresh air is drawn into the engine to the very top of the vehicle roof, so that you can drive through water without damaging the engine. This applies not only for deep water crossings but to shallow water as well. A few splashes of water don't hurt the engine, but a large amount of water can be a problem. This can occur on flooded roads for example when a bow wave is created by the splashing water, even though the water level is not very deep.

The optimum fuel/air compression ratio is usually about 14 and 18 to 1 for most combustion engines. When large amounts of water enter the engine, then the piston that is responsible for the compression of the fuel/air mixture within the engine, does not function properly any more, which can cause fatal damage to the engine.


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The shifted air intake position is also very useful on dusty or rocky roads, protecting the engine from dust, dirt and small debris. Thanks to the CAD developed shape of the TJM snorkel, the air flow is unrestrictedly thus reliably supplies your Fiat Fullback with clean air. 

The Fiat Fullback AirTec snorkel is made of high quality UV8 resistant polymer material, and is thus very resistant to sun light and other forces of nature. Thanks to the computer-aided product design, the snorkel nicely adapts to the shape of the Fiat Fullback.



The TJM AirTec Snorkel for the Fiat Fullback is available in the Ram-Air System or Wedgetail-design.