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If you are the proud owner of a VW Amarok and are looking for quality accessories to enhance the performance and appearance of your vehicle, you have come to the right place. Ullstein Concepts offers an extensive range of accessories, especially for the VW Amarok, that will meet your requirements and more than fulfil your wishes. Here you will find an overview of our VW Amarok accessories.


VW Amarok Canopy

Our hardtop canopies are designed to protect your Amarok while maximising load capacity. They are robust, weatherproof and give your vehicle a stylish look. Our Sammitr and Aeroklas Canopies are the perfect addition to your 2023 VW Amarok, offering not only protection and functionality, but also a modern design that blends seamlessly with your vehicle's appearance.


VW Amarok Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover transforms your truck bed into a spacious boot and offers protection from the elements, prying eyes and theft. Furthermore, it improves the aerodynamics of your Amarok, which translates into increased fuel efficiency. Find the perfect load compartment cover for your Amarok in our online shop.


Truck Bed Slide - for efficient use of the cargo space

With our drawer or cargo area pull-out, the use of the cargo area in your Amarok from 2023 is organised and efficient. This drawer is ideal for those who value order and functionality.


Bed Liner - for value retention and aesthetics

Our bed liner preserves the aesthetics and value of your new VW Amarok, protecting against scratches and damage so that your truck bed always remains in top condition.


Styling Parts - for an individual look

Would you like to give your Amarok from 2023 a unique look? Our Styling Bars, i.e. bull bars and spoiler guards, not only offer a visual upgrade, but also extra protection and comfort.


LED Lighting - for increased safety

The visibility and safety of your Amarok are crucial. Our high-quality auxiliary headlights for the VW Amarok provide excellent illumination and improve safety at night and in bad weather conditions.

Useful Pickup Accessories - for added functionality

Discover a wide range of useful Pickup accessories that further enhance the functionality of your Amarok, like bed divider or tailgate damper.


Roof Racks - for more cargo space

Our roof rack solutions are state of the art and perfect for vehicles that are used for more than just getting from A to B. They offer more efficiency and safety in everyday life and give your pickup truck a dynamic look.


Roof Tents - by TJM 4x4 Equipped

Our TJM roof tents allow you to enjoy a comfortable camping adventure with your VW Amarok. These mould-resistant and waterproof roof tents are made from high-quality, breathable material and offer a comfortable sleeping option on your vehicle roof.


Camping - maximise your outdoor experience

Discover our camping accessories to maximise your outdoor experiences with your Amarok. From tents to camping equipment, we have everything you need for an unforgettable adventure.


Why Ullstein Concepts is your best choice for Volkswagen Amarok accessories

At Ullstein Concepts, we take pride in offering high-quality accessories for your pickup truck. Our products are specifically designed to meet the needs of Amarok owners and are characterised by quality and durability. We understand the passion for off-road adventures and the love for your vehicle.


Our range of accessories is continually expanding to ensure we cover the latest trends and needs of our customers. If you are looking for reliable accessories for your VW Amarok, you have come to the right place at Ullstein Concepts.


Highest quality and tailor-made for your Amarok

Our accessories have been specially developed for the VW Amarok and are characterised by unmatched quality. Unlike imitation products, these parts and accessories are perfectly matched to your Amarok. This means they are easy to fit or install and ensure a seamless fit.


Maintaining the value of your Volkswagen Amarok

The use of high quality accessories contributes significantly to the value retention of your VW Amarok. Keeping your vehicle in perfect condition will pay dividends later. Should you ever sell your Amarok, a well-maintained vehicle will have a positive effect on sales negotiations.


A statement for your vehicle

Your VW Amarok is unique, and with our accessories you can emphasise this uniqueness. Give your Amarok a personal touch and show that you are committed to quality and originality.


Take a look at our extensive range of VW Amarok accessories and discover the possibilities for individualising and upgrading your vehicle. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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