Snorkel - TJM

Snorkels by TJM for your Toyota Hilux Revo ex 2016.
Snorkel TJM Airtec Standard air inlet with TÜV approval

Toyota Hilux Revo ex 2016

Nr.: TST011SAT0187D
Snorkel TJM Airtec wedgetail air inlet with TÜV approval

Toyota Hilux Revo ex 2016 & 2020+

Nr.: TST11SATW0187D

The Toyota Hillux AirTec Snorkel with TÜV Approval

As a TJM representative for Europe, we have made the TJM AirTec Snorkel road legal in Germany by means of the TÜV approval certificate issued to Ullstein Concepts exclusively.

The snorkel's elevated air intake enables the Toyota Hilux to cross water without putting the engine at risk. However, this does not only mean deep river crossings or the like, but shallower depths also pose danger to the engine. For example, when a flooded road is crossed, water accumulates in front of the vehicle, allowing a larger amount of water to enter the engine at once. The fuel-air mixture can therefore no longer be compressed to the optimum ratio of approximately 14 to 1 and 18 to 1, which can cause various types of damage.


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In addition, the air supply is free of dust and dirt because the snorkel has moved the intake point further up thus ensuring unrestricted airflow and a continuous supply of clean air to the engine.

The snorkel's CAD developed housing is designed exclusively for the Toyota Hilux and fits great to it`s off road characteristics.



Available as standard Ram-Air design, or the Wedgetail version, a design created by TJM, which shows advantages in terms of aerodynamics.