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Dear friends and visitors,
we are pleased to inform you that we are back in business and the showroom is open for customers now that some coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. We kindly ask you to comply to the following health and safety measures when visiting our premises:

We welcome you, but unfortunately no handshakes allowed.

At every entrance you will find a disinfectant dispenser for hand disinfection to be used before you enter the premises. Workplaces that may come in contact with visitors are equipped with disinfectant as well. Please keep the specified minimum distance of 1.5m. We have provided various markings to make it easier to keep the distance. We kindly ask you to also keep 1.5m distance when we talk you through the handling of the product on your vehicle when outside of he building.
All office desks and surfaces are being disinfected on a regular basis. The main desk is additionally protected with plexiglass.

After installation in our workshop the seat of your vehicle will be protected with a foil seat cover. The steering wheel, interior lining and switches will get disinfected before the vehicle is handed over to you.
You are welcome to use our cashless payment system.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on our premises for all visitors, customers and employees. If possible, please bring a face mask with you. If you don’t have a face mask we can provide one for you, as well as disposable gloves upon request.

In case you are experiencing flu like symptoms, we kindly ask you to postpone your visit.

We are looking forward to be welcoming you soon in Langenbach!

Your Ullstein Concepts Team

ConVid 19_update 27.04.2020

Cargo Securing

Here you will find various options for correctly securing your load in commercial and private use in accordance with the StvZO | load securing equipment product presentation Toyota Hilux 2016
ring lashing strip 25 mm clamp version

red length 5000 mm traction 500

Nr.: 329000009
ring lashing strip 25 mm ratchet version

red lenght 5000 mm traction 1300

Nr.: 329000010
lashing strap 25 mm ratchet version

and snap hook red length 4000 mm traction 650

Nr.: 329000012
mounting log for blocking bars Kerl 65

for Allsafe systems tracks

Nr.: 329000013
lashing eye Kerl 500

for Allsafe system tracks

Nr.: 329000014
lashing eye Kerl 1000

for Allsafe system tracks

Nr.: 329000015
universal lashing track - flat

length 1500 mm

Nr.: 329000016
universal lashing track - rounded

length 1500 mm

Nr.: 329000017
universal lashing track - recessed fitting

length 1500 mm

Nr.: 329000018
universal lashing track - flat

length 2000 mm width 34,5mm hight 13,5mm

Nr.: 329000025
universal lashing track - rounded

length 2000 mm width 50mm hight 11,5mm

Nr.: 329000026
universal lashing track - recessed fitting

length 2000 mm width 49/34mm hight 16/13mm

Nr.: 329000027
quick fastener size XL to 73mm 1 piece

inner diameter 45 to 73mm (QF 2 machine holder)

Nr.: 329000030
quick fastener size M 1 piece

inner diameter 25 - 62 mm

Nr.: 329000031
quick fastener size XXL 1 piece

inner diameter 381-702mm (QF3-impact wrenches)

Nr.: 329000032
Quick fastener size XS 1 piece

inner diameter 12,7 to 25,4 mm

Nr.: 329000033
Quick fastener size S 1 piece

inner diameter 16 to 35 mm

Nr.: 329000034
Quick fastener type long arm 1 piece

inner diameter 13 to 114 mm

Nr.: 329000035
Quick fastener type bottle holder

inner diameter 64 to 190 mm (QF1 reciprocating saw)

Nr.: 329000036
Quick fastener type mini long arm 1 piece

Nr.: 329000037
Quick fastener type canister holder

(QF4 lamp holder)

Nr.: 329000038
Quick fastener type clamping halter with hook

to 965 mm (QF5 tool stand)

Nr.: 329000039
Quick fastener type gun holder

Nr.: 329000040
plastic end cap black

for recessed track

Nr.: 329000131

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