Nissan Navara NP300 / Aluminum Wheel Spacers 60 mm per axle

Aluminum Wheel Spacers +46 mm per axle, increased load capability, up to 1250 kg per wheel

Ford Ranger 2012 - 2022

Product number: SPV-6065662
shipping delivery approx 2 weeks


Ford Ranger wheels spacers 46mm per axle (23mm per side).
A double centering of the widening allows the best possible concentricity. The wheel spacer is attached to the vehicle hub by means of the fixing nuts supplied. With the original mounting material, the rim is then attached to the studs which are pressed into the wheel spacer. A wheel spacer with tyres or rims different from the standard equipment is no problem. This is as well as the use of different thicknesses (e.g. front axle 23mm per side and rear axle 30 mm per side) which is often necessary and regulated in the TÜV- part certificate.
With a track widening you do not only upgrade the appearance of your Ford Ranger, but you also get other advantages like:
  • greater cornering stability
  • improved straight-line stability
  • Increased off-road capability
  • TÜV-certified
  • Easy mounting
Many of the wheel spacers for pickup trucks available on the market have load releases of approximately 1800 kg per axle. Since the standard Ranger already has a maximum rear axle load of 1850 kg or as a loaded vehicle of 2130 kg, a TÜV demonstration automatically results in an unpleasant reduction of the permissible total weight.
Our track widening has an extreme load release of 2500 kg per axle (1250 kg per track plate) and is the right solution for the Ranger.
Mounting instruction: 
As the current EU legislation requires the entire wheel to be covered, including the wheel bead, an additional wheel cover is a requirement of the parts certificate and is usually requested by the expert.
For this we offer our fender lips as an optional solution.
A simple acceptance test must be carried out in accordance with §19 Section 3.
In the case of custom combinations (e.g. special wheels that are not listed in the TÜV certificate), an TÜV approval must be carried out in accordance with §21 or 19 para. 2. When combining with non-standard wheels, the wheel cover, clearance and the maximum permitted track width change of 4% must be observed. A combination of aluminium track widenings and steel rims is not recommended. 





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