Snorkel - TJM

Snorkels by TJM for your Nissan Navara NP300 ex 2016.
Snorkel TJM Airtec standard air inlet with TÜV approval

Diesel NP300 Navara

Nr.: TSN011SAT0110R
Snorkel TJM Airtec wedgetail air inlet with TÜV approval

Diesel NP300 Nissan Navara

Nr.: TSN011SATW0110R

The Nissan Navara AirTec Snorkel with TÜV Approval

As TJM's distribution partner, we are proud to introduce the Nissan Navara AirTec Snorkel onto European roads. This is made possible with the TÜV approval certificate exclusively issued for Ullstein Concepts GmbH.  

Spectacular water crossings, which could otherwise turn out to be daring manoeuvres, can be performed safely with the help of a TJM snorkel. In addition, the snorkel reduces the risk of large volumes of water entering the engine when driving through shallow mudflats such as flooded roads. When crossing shallow water, a bow wave is created in front of the vehicle, that can allow water to enter the engine compartment and cause damage.

An internal combustion engine compresses the composition of fuel and air. The optimum ratio of a supercharged engine is between 14:1 and 18:1. This ratio cannot be maintained when water is penetrating the engine, thus causing potential damage to the vehicle.


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The effective reduction of dirt and debris entering the engine when driving on duty roads for example is also a very valuable feature of this product. The housing design of the TJM snorkel ensures an optimum air flow and provides a reliable and even air supply.

Thanks to the high-quality polymer material and outstanding UV8 resistance, the off-road snorkel is very robust and offers protection against fading colour due to sunlight. The Snorkel was made to adapt the contours of the Nissan Navara perfectly by means of a computer aided design process (CAD).



TJM offers two different designs for Nissan Navara AirTec snorkel: A Standard Air Intake called Ram-Air-System and in addition a Wedgetail-Version with an updated design resulting in lower air resistance.