Snorkel - TJM

Snorkels by TJM for your Renault Alaskan.

The Renault Alaskan AirTec Snorkel with TÜV Approval

With the help of the TÜV approval issued exclusively to us, we have finally made the popular TJM AirTec Snorkel road legal in Europe.

With the help of the relocated air intake, the snorkel let`s the Renault Alaskan perform fun off road manoeuvres like deep water crossing without risking damage to the vehicle. The snorkel is also very helpful in less exciting scenarios, like driving on a flooded road. Even though shallow, water accumulates in front of the vehicle, which leads to a large amount of water entering the vehicle. The fuel-air mixture can no longer be compressed to the best ratio of approximately 14 and 18 to 1, causing various types of damage.


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The snorkel not only protects the Renault Alaskan from mud and water, but also from dust, dirt and small solid debris. This ensures unrestricted airflow and a continuous and steady supply of air when driving on a dusty road.

Computer-aided design (CAD) allows for a perfect fit as well as matching shape to the overall appearance of the Alaskan.



Available as standard Ram-Air design or new TJM Wedgetail design.