Snorkel – TJM

Snorkels by TJM for your Ford Ranger ex 2019
Snorkel TJM Airtec standard air inlet

Ford Ranger PXIII Diesel 2.0 model 2019+

Nr.: TSF011SAT0120A
Snorkel TJM Airtec standard air inlet

Ford Ranger PX & PXII Diesel 2.2 & 3.2 LT (not for 2.0 LT 2019+)

Nr.: TSF011SAT0121T
Snorkel TJM Airtec wedgetail air inlet with TÜV-approval

Ford Ranger PX & PXII Diesel 2.2 & 3.2 LT (not for 2.0 LT 2019+)

Nr.: TSF11SATW0121T

The Ford Ranger AirTec Snorkel with TÜV-Certificate

The TJM AirTec snorkel for the Ford Ranger is an integral part of Australian off-road technology and a essential part for every off-road vehicle. As TJM representatives, we introduce the Ford Ranger AirTec Snorkel onto European roads, in accordance with the TÜV approval issued for Ullstein Concepts exclusively.

The Ford Ranger snorkel raises the air intake of the engine and thus, allows the vehicle to cross deep waters without risk. However, the Ford Ranger snorkel also offers protection in shallow waters or mudflats, for instance flooded roads. The engine can only withstand a limited amount of water. The bow wave generated in front of the car and the bulk of splashing water can cause a strong pressure surge even at low watt depths, as a lot of water penetrates the engine.

Due to the vibration of the piston, combustion engines usually compress the fuel and air mixture. The ratio of a diesel engine is approximately between 14 and 18 to 1, but this ratio is no longer given if a larger quantity of water has penetrated the engine. This means that the piston can no longer work properly, which can lead to piston- or connecting rod damage due to the strong forces.


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The Ford Ranger snorkel offers a great advantage not only in water but also on dusty roads. Because the elevated intake point, impurities do not reach the engine as easily. The snorkel housing enables an unrestricted air flow, allowing for the optimal air intake to the engine.

The TJM AirTec snorkel is made of high-quality polymer material and offers excellent protection against UV light with a resistance factor of 8. The CAD-based design allows for a tailored fit, giving your Ford Ranger that perfect off-road look.



The TJM AirTec Snorkel for the Fiat Fullback is available in the Ram-Air System or Wedgetail-design.