Aluminiumrollo Mountain Top Roll EVO-M Black Edition

Alu Cover Mountain Top Roll EVO-M Black Edition

fits Ford Ranger Double Cab 2012 - 2022

Product number: 122608066B
shipping delivery approx 6 weeks


EVO-M: Tough & pure
Mountain Top has taken the popular roll-cover to the next level with the brand new EVOm, a considerable enhancement in terms of design and functionality.
An all-aluminium roll cover is light and the most secure choice of material. Additionally, the EVOm roll cover introduces several new security features. The handle has been placed on the underside of the rear profile, removing the need for an external handle, thus removing a target for forced openings. An even bigger target are the slats, which can normally be cut open with a strong knife and a lot of force. The EVOm makes this security flaw a thing of the past by introducing knife-proof interlocking aluminium slats!
Another great new feature is the EVOm drainage system that combines four drain funnels in the side rails with two large canister drain tubes, generating a drain capacity of 40 litres per minute. This will keep the truck bed dry even during monsoon-like rainfalls.

How to operate:
Release the cover by pulling the release strap on the left or right side of the vehicle.
Push the cover to the open position you want. The cover is only locked in the fully open or fully closed position and will remain in any intermediary position hence removing the need to engage the release straps to open it further or close it again.
In the fully open position, the locks will engage making it safe to drive with the cover open.

Mountain-Top has developed a unique ClickTech system, allowing an easy installation in less than 60 minutes. The ClickTech system also makes maintenance and repair much easier.

Video assembly instruction:




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